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New The Witcher 3 Add-on Better Than the Main Game

New The Witcher 3 Add-on Better Than the Main Game
Having spent a lot of hours playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt's open world RPG, I realized that Vince's description of the game was, in fact, right on the money – he called it 'a great game if you're unemployed'. Still, it's great to see …
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Two 'Cheats' Make Final Fantasy VII Way Better On PS4

Two 'Cheats' Make Final Fantasy VII Way Better On PS4
If you want to play the original Final Fantasy VII—whether you're a first-timer or an old fan revisiting a classic—you should probably use cheats. That might sound sacrilegious, but I'm not talking about level boosters or item duplicators. Some of …
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Hdmi to component converter ? better quality signals with great speed

If you want to obtain the high definition output from your television set then having hdmi to component converter can be very useful for you. There is a great demand of this particular converter due to its efficient working. Hdmi to component converter is perfect for converting the signals into the high definition form that your television set can easily accept. It was never too easy to get this kind of fantastic quality in the past but now with the modern technological research hdmi to component converter has made this possible.

 One great thing about this hdmi to component converter is that it can upscale the signals automatically into a specific resolution that your television set can easily accept.  There are several fantastic features of this hdmi to component converter that makes it prominent in the other devices of this kind. If you want to resolve your problems relating to this issue then you should not delay in getting this kind of perfect converter that provide you the maximum utility for getting the high definition audio and video quality.

Along with the latest models of television sets, most of the television sets are compatible with this hdmi to component converter. Most of the television companies also recommend this particular converter because it can automatically understand the capacity of your television set and can upscale any particular video source to the high resolution. The image can be stretched up to a specific limit. Hdmi to component converter is very easy to use and install. You can easily install it without seeking for the help of some professional. Simply, read the guidelines that are written in the guidebook and install it without facing any problem. It can take care of your television set and you will not have to face any kind of problem while using this hdmi to component converter. It can transfer the video signals in an awesome way and can provide you the high quality performance that cannot be attained with any other inferior quality converter. The audio quality is also enhancing with this kind of converter beyond your expectations. One greater thing about this hdmi to component converter is that it can automatically detect everything in order to provide you high video and audio quality. There is a great demand of this kind of converter and people love it due to its proficient and extraordinary features that fulfil their requirements in the best way.



Do better in game Star Trek Online

If you sleep under a rock for the last month in the world of MMORPG, you would not know that two weeks ago, on February 2, Star Trek Online and its sto credits has been released. Star Trek Online is the MMORPG of Star Trek was created. Which means basically that is the massively multiplayer role-playing game set in the first Play Star Trek universe. What is a MMORPG to ask?

A Massively Multiplayer RPG is a world where you create your own character in a virtual world and interact with thousands of other players created characters simultaneously. World of Warcraft and Everquest are examples of popular MMORPG.

Now, one of the things that I find cool new game is that you can create your own race. Unlike traditional MMO, you can create your own race and customize everything about this breed of skin color, head shape, eye shape, eye color and the list goes on and on. This is an example video screen creation of the race in my Squidoo page that is linked at the bottom of the page and in the Bio box.

Its really a great step forward in the MMORPG genre because of what I remember MMORPG that was created has the ability to create and customize your own race. This opens the door to other games in the future to create their own race. (Star Wars Old Republic anyone?)

If you create your own race does not suit you well, that is OK, because you can still have all your favorite competitions Star Trek universe.

My Top 5 favorites are:

Klingon – a race that is very well known even beyond the Community. Known for its military style, even beyond the galaxy.

The Borg – (half man / half-Cyborg) are the race of humans called Cyborg Borg, who share a common spirit known as the beehive that makes the very Cyborg While the race. They also look Bad Ass.

Vulcan – Vulcan are a breed known for its strong logical thinking.

Betazoid – I mean come on it is a given, Betazoid The 40 year old woman going through a stage where his sexual desire was multiplied by four.

Nausicaan – A look at Nausicaan and you will know why they are on my top 5, they played as a race of evil Klingon Federation. They are known for their intimidating appearance and are often used by criminals and Gentlemen,

Well these are my favorite races Top 5 Star Trek Online.

A picture is a poem without words.

Catch a Cheating Spouse – Now is Better Than Later to Find Out

What would you do if you discovered your spouse was cheating on you? You probably choose to believe that infidelity only happens to other couples – not you. Unfortunately, the odds are not in your favor; it seems more and more relationships are destroyed when one partner cheats on the other. Knowledge is your best weapon in fighting infidelity. Knowing what signs could indicate an unfaithful spouse can help you prevent, and at worst, catch a cheating spouse in the act.


One red flag that could alert you to a cheating spouse is their distance. They will avoid conversation as much as possible, worrying they could accidentally leak their dirty little secret. With a new love in their life, no longer do they turn to you for idle chat. They are more than aware of their guilt, and if they can keep their distance, there is less of a chance of you finding out. If your spouse is usually not a paranoid person, and now seems more on edge, they could be hiding something from you.


When they tell you they have to stay late at the office – are they really working? If there are more excuses to work late than is normal, you probably want to check into it. A quick call at work or a surprise visit could reveal a lot. Maybe they are leaving for work earlier than they used to – a way to catch a quick visit with their secret lover.

First Impressions

New relationships are all about impressing each other. Each person can be easily influenced by the other person. Your spouse will be no different. If this secret lover has preferences as they relate to appearance, opinion and like/dislikes, you could see your spouse assimilate to the same. Are they wearing something new they normally would never consider? Are they wearing a new cologne/perfume? Has exercising become a big issue all of a sudden? Lifestyle changes like these on their own might not seem out of the ordinary, however, it is best to keep an eye out for sudden, and sometimes drastic changes.

Do you really want to wait until your spouse has cheated on you? Better to know now how to catch a cheating spouse, and save yourself from heartbreak later. There are many more signs that indicate infidelity and are available through my website: http://catch-a-cheating-spouse-how-tos.blogspot.com/

Better Gaming Experience With Modded Xbox Controllers

So many gamers out there might be wondering what the reason is behind the rage that is the Modded Xbox controllers. For a reasonable time period, gamers have had to undergo excruciating pains both physically and psychologically while playing their favorite games. There are so many gamers who have recently reported pain in the hand muscles after or during their games. This is usually due to their fruitless efforts in trying to make a weak game controller perform tasks that it should not be able to do. Well, if you are still experiencing such trauma, then wake up from your slumber and get into the real world of gaming.

The Modded Xbox controllers are meant to give you a hustle free experience with your gamer. These controllers are designed to outclass their below average counterparts and offer you the best gaming experience. Apart from the fact that they are able to revitalize the functioning of the weaker mods to be able to play your favorite games quite satisfactorily, they are also able to actually give a transformation to the modes of playing, and the speeds. There is nothing as boring as playing a high quality game yet you can only move at predesigned speeds, unlike with the Modded Xbox controller

While using most of the Xbox controllers, you always have to hold and press the fire button to be able to actually fire at the opponent. However, with the Modded Xbox controller, you can enjoy the added functionality of only tapping the sync button to trigger your movements. The beauty of this mod is that it deals with the health issues that most gamers have especially with the muscle pains at the hand area, and greatly reduces the pains most gamers have to undergo. Apart from these benefits, the Modded Xbox controllers also bring with them the extra functionality that they can work with most of your favorite games. Though most of the other mods are usually barred by the manufacturers from playing certain, these ones are specially designed to be usable on all of them.

One of the best features of the Modded Xbox controllers is that the manufacturers have also considered the disabled persons, as there are special designs that are made for those who have the functionality of only one hand, to ensure that the gaming experience is not only restricted to those who can use both hands.

The major problem that arises however is that there are those who have gotten accustomed to the slow paced controllers, and are not willing to adapt to the new changes. They have in the recent past accused the manufacturers of robbing the games of their original themes, by making them ultra-fast. Some have even gone to the extent of accusing them of promoting cheating in the games. However, the manufacturers on their part have decided to design special firing speed caps that ensure that you can only fire at the speed that you are comfortable with. Well, whatever your preferred Xbox controller, rest assured that the manufacturers of the Modded Xbox controllers definitely have you in mind.

The IntensaFIRE for Xbox 360 is one of the easiest controller mod kits to install, and it is suitable for all original wireless modded xbox controllers. It increases the firing speed of your xbox 360 game controller, which will make playing many games even more fun.

How To Not Cheat, Yet Receive Better Results Than The Cheaters

We’ve all seen the movies where students worry about a big test, decide to buck the system, and create elaborate schemes to pass without putting in the effort of studying. From stealing tests, writing answers on gum wrappers, to re-printing labels on coke bottles with the information filled in; we’ve all seen. I’m sure we’ve all thought about it, but there has got to be a better way.

First of all, cheating only becomes a problem if you are caught. Teachers will ramble at you for hours on end how you need to learn and master all of the information, because their course is of such high importance. Really. Intro to Performing Arts; honestly, I know for a fact that I will never, ever need anything that I learned in that class. A wasted semester to say the least.

Back to the idea of getting caught. The punishments are steep, to say the least. Failing the class, kicked out of school, red letters on the transcript, etc. Nothing that anyone in their right mind would want. Obviously, to avoid those negative consequences, it is important to minimize the risk. To do that, you need to make sure that there is no possible way to get caught. How you ask? Simple.

Don’t ever put yourself in a situation where you can get caught. Don’t sneak in cheat sheets, program the formulas in the calculator, or try and text the answer. You need to remove the chance of someone finding the evidence. Think of a place that you can store all the answers, that no one can ever look. Your Mind. That’s the secret.

Obvious counter argument is, if the answers are in your mind, aren’t you just learning it? Yes and No. Yes you are learning how to recite/recall the information, in order to pass a test, but no, you are not actually learning the material. The difference being that most of this information will be stored for the short term only, there are exceptions, but use this for mainly short term knowledge. Is it really cheating? Not in the traditional definition of the word. Is it easier than cheating and studying. Yes and Yes!

In class, the teachers will recommend using repetition as a form of learning. Basically that takes too long. Use mnemonic devices to your advantage, as a quick sure-fire way to make sure that you are putting the necessary material into your head. The information that this will work best with is definitions, lists, formulas, and other forms of matching.

For example, I had to learn the order of the Geologic Time periods for some made up Dinosaur course. People were sitting there with flashcards trying to remember it all, but all you really had to do was write out a short list, and spend a minute or two learning it all. I will also guarantee that using this method will provide better results than any traditional forms of studying.

The information I had to learn was as follows (look up an image of the geologic periods).

That was the best picture I could find, although I did not need to know the life that existed at that time. So what we are looking at is 3 Eras, and 12 Periods. They had to be in proper order, and each period needed to correspond with the era.

I followed these steps while learning it all

Pick an order to go. Top to bottom, or vice-versa, just pick one and remember which way it went. I chose top to bottom, or CMP, or CaMP. Right here, you have the option to make a mnemonic device such as Cend (use “s” sound), Me, Pals. Personally I felt comfortable with being able to remember the names, so skipped that step.
Figure out how many are in each section. You already know CMP, so the next step is remember 237. Theres 2, 3, and 7 periods in each progressive era.

Next is learning the order. You want to make an easy to remember sentence that tells you the order. Cutie (QT) Christopher Just Tried Permanent Pencils. Miss Devon Slurped Ordinary Camberry. (I know its cranberry).

Now Visualize it. A Cute person name Christopher Just Tried a Permanent Pencil. Imagine a friend of yours named Chris using a Permanent Pencil. Imagine what that sort of pencil would look like. Now Imagine a lady named Miss Devon (who’s with Christopher) Slurping on Ordinary Cranberry juice. Hear the noise, see the red marks on her lip, etc. The more vivid you make the image the easier it is to remember.

Now this took longer to read than it will take you when learning. All you need to know now is Camp 237 Cutie. This will queue it up in your mind, and the answer will be on auto-pilot.

Quite simply the process is, re-frame the information into an easy to remember scene that you can picture in your mind, that can be as absurd as you please. The more weird and unusual, the easier to remember. If you really want to spend all your time making crib sheets and risking the chance of being caught be my guest. OR, you can learn the information in a user-friendly format that will get you higher grades, take less time, and carries no risk. You be the judge. Good luck, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

-PS some of these short hands that you make up in your mind, may stick around for a very long time.

There are plenty of actions that you can take to increase your reading speed by visiting the Speed Reading Software Website.

Click on or copy and paste the following URL into your browser. http://quickeyespeedreading.com

Thank you.

Ps3 Console – It Keeps Getting Better!

Looks very nice its lighter and like the add says “it only does everything”.

The only issue I have so far is that cheap HDMI cables(it keeps loosing signal or green lines in the background), PS3 Console slim and a samsung tv wont get alone!…I test it with my old PS3 Console and multiple HDMI cables and I still don’t get the right answer of wats not compatible…I will update with more info in the next couple of days!(apparently it has something to do with the bravia link or the HDMI profile!)….up date 1 sep 08: ok after testing the slim in another tv(sony) I came to this conclusion; use only category 2 and 1.3 version of hdmi cables when conecting to a samsung tv…that fix it for me

Unfortunately when you want to review something you have to compared it with its competition the xbox 360…believed or not I had one… had it for like a year and the only problem I had with it besides the things I don’t like about it was the sticky tray!
So here it goes

You think PS3 Console is bigger…think again 360 is bigger! put the power brick the hd dvd add on the charging kit the cooling fan and those huges cables all together and something has to come out of you room!

The 360 is noisy as hell and the heat is insane!

hardware issues left and right staring with the rrod! price….to get close to the value u get with the PS3 Console on the xbox u r looking to spend over $ 500 and still you can get blu-ray!
$ 60 for online gaming…. PS3 Console is free
HD player …the cheapest is like 180…or you can get a PS3 Console with blu-ray for 299….
…and the list goes on and on….but the thing that bothers me the most is HOW THA HELL MICROSOFT AVOID A RECALL…with the worst failure rate in electronic history!…only one thing come to my mind…pay offs and influence….
…yes… I may sound like a fanboy but prof me wrong!
Overall….there is not excuse for not to buy a PS3!

PS3 Console – Drawbacks Keep It From Its Potential

On its own, it’s a pretty good console; compared to other consoles – even previous PS3 Console – it’s lacking.

I preordered the PS3 Console slim and had it on the release day. I was excited because I always wanted one, but couldn’t justify spending $ 450 on another console. As an owner of numerous consoles (PS1, PS2, NES, SNES, N64, Wii, Dreamcast, Xbox 360) and an avid gamer, I was super stoked to follow the rumors about it in the weeks coming up to Gamescom; I was finally going to get my hands on a PS3 Console.

I wouldn’t say I was completely disappointed, but I’m going to list the pros and cons.

HD cable? – nope, it just comes with composite connectors (Yellow, Red, White)

Features rolled back – Previous PS3 Console had memory stick slots, Backwards compatibility, and even the ability to run Linux.

Controller shape (thanks fanboys) – The Dualshock controller for the PS1 made sense. When the hands grip the controller, the natural postition for the thumbs to fall were the dpad and the button group. This made sense because most games at the time used the dpad for most movement. Newer games almost all use the left analog stick for movement, and Microsoft and Nintendo figured that out LAST GENERATION. So to use the controller, you have to put your hands in an unnatural position. This is my single biggest problem with the PS3 Console.


It plays Blu ray discs – both good and bad actually. For a home theater it’s absolutely awesome! Problem is, as a game console it makes the games take a LOOONG time to load. So much that I will not buy cross-platform games for the PS3 Console; I already made that mistake once.

The game library is actually really good (finally) – I’ve been playing Infamous, MGS4, Resistance: Fall of Man, and I even downloaded the Little big planet Demo and Flower from the Playstation store. I still think the Xbox360 has more good games, but that doesn’t mean the PS3 Console doesn’t have a bunch.

It is very quiet and also a fairly good looking little machine.

It hase Wifi built in – Not necessary for me because I prefer to use ethernet cable for its reliability, but nice for those who can’t run a cable directly to the console.

Overall, this gets 3/5. If I weren’t comparing it to anything else it would probebly get a 5. The problem is that games play and look better on the Xbox 360, they also feel better due to its more ergonomic controller design. I think Sony should stop listening to their fans (who are going to love them no matter what) and try to find out why people prefer the 360.

More Detail…

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Ps3 Consoles – Better Than Expected

I got the PS3 Consoles Slim for Christmas and I must say, what awaited me there, I was smooth gehau’n from the stool!

Games and Blu-ray discs I made before I besas a PS3 Consoles, again with my PC with my LCD TV. The quality here was pretty good.

But then watch the movies on the PS3 Consoles was again a difference as black-Weis television color television. This may just be the fact that I have in my PC is not necessarily the best graphics card. Regardless, for now I even have a Playstation: D

Also the games to which it is indeed primarily a gaming console is for pure pleasure. Graphically, as well as the range of games offered by Sony, the PS3 Consoles convinced me in all matters.

And what I very well think is that it (PSN PlaySstation Network) old classic games that we know from the time of the Playstation 1, available for download. Although a fee, but for every wallet affordable.

Who wants a system that also is still current today, which should not resort to a XBOX360, but for the PS3 Consoles. The XBOX360 might even convince, however, is due to the Blu-ray compatibility, sooner or later to win the battle in the console battle. (We have already seen the HD DVD format war – Blu-ray)

PS3 Consoles – PS3 with Swabs

The Slim is a consequence of evolution in the tradition of the PS2 Slim. Overall, the panel makes a significant impression valent less than the “old” PS3 Consoles. Previously I had one of the first 60GB model. High gloss and weighty. The following cuts must be done in an “upgrade”: No card reader, only 2 USB ports, PS2 compatibility is not a traditional (but appear over short or long beeps several PS2 titles on PSN, then they should also run on the Slim) Linux can not be installed, no real (on / off switch only standby), no SACD playback, poorer stability in the vertical assembly, here a matching stand separately should be acquired. There are of course positive to report: The electricity consumption was reduced compared to the 60 GB Console to 1 / 3 (around 80 W), the standby power consumption was almost halved (about 20 W). Furthermore, it will be slightly faster, which is reflected by shorter load times. It should be added that the hard disk still can be changed.

The best is of course the current price. Compared to the Xbox you get much more for your money here and is also for the next few years on the state of console technology. Here are the XBox first needs to follow suit. Moreover, it is actually a dedicated Blu-Ray player.

I hope I could help one or the other.

Contrary to other assertions: Naturally Slim plays PS1 games. Am I to You Do not Know Jack Tested! The 80 W power consumption I measured at my desk in the XMB. Here are my old 60 GB version has already taken 240 watts.

Obs console is the better course, depends on the individual claims.

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