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Star Wars Battlefront lets you unlock digital toys, because action figures are

Star Wars Battlefront lets you unlock digital toys, because action figures are
As if living out your Star Wars battle fantasies (that's really the term EA and DICE use) wasn't enough, Star Wars Battlefront will even let you relive your days of collecting Boba Fett action figures. Lead hero designer Jamie Keen revealed to …
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Final Fantasy 9 has changed a lot over the last 15 years, because I have

Final Fantasy 9 has changed a lot over the last 15 years, because I have
You know how everyone has that one game that was an instrumental part of them growing up? Final Fantasy 9 is that game for me (though Pokemon and RollerCoaster Tycoon get honourable mentions). While technically it isn't my favourite in the series …
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The Best Poem to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Because You Cheated

I’m sorry to hear that your girlfriend broke up with you. It sounds like you were to blame since you cheated on her. I’m going to be honest, that wasn’t very smart on your part. Anyway, you have had a change of heart. You realize that you messed up and are ready to do whatever you need to do to get her back. You are ready to get back with your ex girlfriend. Right?

A poem from the heart is a great way to let her know how you feel about her. But, you’ve got to realize that a single poem isn’t just going to fix everything. Right now, your ex-girlfriend is feeling betrayed, unloved, and broken. to get back together with your ex girlfriend, you are going to have to prove to her that you love her and are never going to cheat on her again. You need to show her that you have learned a lesson.

This isn’t a quick fix relationship project. There is no simple way for getting back together. This is a fragile process and free relationship advice is what you need. Well…. If I were trying to get back together with my ex girlfriend. I would definitely write her a short note to APOLOGIZE to her. I would then write her a poem from the heart to show her how much I love her.

Don’t BEG for her back! This is a huge mistake that I have seen many people make. It will backfire in your face and probably make her want to run away. Women do not like their men begging, even if they act like they do. They want a MAN. They want you feel comfortable in your arms.

Anyway, leave your phone number on the bottom of your notes, letters, and poems and leave a little note like, hope to hear from you soon. Don’t seem desperate, just show her you care and that you want to be with her. Now, I can’t tell you exactly what to say in you letters and poems because every situation is different. I can, however show you some guidelines to follow when writing to your ex in hopes of getting back together.


You messed up, not her. Make sure she knows that you realize that and ask her to forgive you.

#2 AGREE with the BREAK UP

You have to understand why she broke up with you. Agree that she did the right think and ask her to start over as friends.


We went over this just a second ago…. Don’t beg, it’s not a good idea, really…..


Brag about her to her in writing. Think of every little thing about her that you love and exploit it. Use descriptive imagery as much as possible to show her how much you notice and pay attention to her. Still, try to keep it short and simple…


Remind her of the great times you had together, bring up specific events and be sure to let her know that you miss holding her tight. You could talk about how you miss her breath on your neck, or how she looks into your eyes, or how her smile melts your heart. Make her remember then make her want more.


If you want to get back together with your ex girlfriend, show her that you are committed to fix relationship. She is probably feeling betrayed, lonely, and heart broken right now. She may have a difficult time coming back to you, so it is up to you to show her that you love and will not cheat on her again.

Getting your ex girlfriend back means you are going to need to be patient. What you did to her may have hurt her badly and can take some time for her to want to come back to you. Don’t give up. Keep lines of communication open at all times. It may be a good idea to not be seen around other women who would flirt with you or hang on you. Start now and you can get back with your ex girlfriend.

You may be stuck wondering what to do after a break up. Check out some great free videos and relationship advice that will help you Get back with your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. Find a step by step guide guaranteed to help you get back with your ex. no matter why you broke up. All relationships are salvageable.

He Claims He Came Back To Me After Cheating Because He Loves Me, But I Don’t Believe Him

I often hear from wives whose husbands have recently come back home after having an affair. Many are somewhat relieved and glad that he’s home. But many of them also question his motives. I often hear comments like “did he come back after his affair because he loves me or because of something else?”

Many of these wives admit that they’re afraid that their husband is back because things didn’t work out between him and the other woman. Or, they might tell me that they’re afraid that he only came back home because of financial reasons or because of their children.

I recently had a woman say to me: “I’m glad my husband returned home after his cheating, but I’m reluctant and I question his motives. He says he’s here because he decided he loves me and wants to save our marriage. But there’s a little voice in the back of my head that wonders if the other woman kicked him out or if he knows a divorce is going to cost him a lot of money.”

It’s so common to have all sorts of questions after a husband’s cheating. Wives wonder if their husband really loves them and is really sincere. This is perfectly normal, but if this process goes on for too long, it can continue to hurt you for longer than it needs to. I will discuss this more in the following article.

It’s Normal To Wonder Why Your Husband Came Back After Cheating: As I said, it would be more noteworthy if you didn’t have questions and concerns. I don’t know many women in this situation who didn’t question their husband’s feelings and motives. When you’ve been hurt in this way, your defenses can’t help but be high. It’s absolutely understandable and it’s a form of self preservation.

And, unfortunately, you can’t know for certain what he’s feeling or thinking. You can’t see inside his thoughts or his heart. You basically have two ways to evaluate his claims. You can listen to his words and you can view his actions. Because he can and will say anything. But it’s his actions that will usually tell you what his intentions truly are. And sometimes, this requires for you to watch and wait to get a clear picture of his intentions and motivations.

Deciding Whether You Want To Focus On Your Husband’s Motivations After The Cheating Or If You Want To Focus On The Outcome: I absolutely understand any reluctance to take what your husband says at face value. I also absolutely understand that while you may want to believe that your husband is home because he loves you, at the same time you might have doubts about this. I also know that many women have a very hard time not placing most of their focus on this issue. It’s something that can eat you up inside.

But, here’s the thing. You may never get a definitive answer since you can’t definitively know or see how he really fells. There’s a real risk of placing so much of your focus on this issue so that no real progress or healing can happen until it is resolved. This is unfortunate because, as I alluded to, this is sometimes a process that builds upon itself.

Sometimes if you are focusing too much on why he came back to you after the affair, you’re missing the fact that he did come back to you. Sure, time will probably give you more information as to why this happened. But if you focus only on the why, then you may not be focused enough on the how. By that I mean that you’re not focusing on how you are going to make this situation better and get through this.

At some point, as painful as this is, you have to make a decision as to whether you’re going to place your focus on why he really came back or on the opportunity that you have since he is back. The wife in this situation was having a very difficult time believing that her husband really wanted to be home. My question to her was if she was willing to continue to place her focus on that issue in such a way that she placed the outcome at risk. I asked her to define what she really wanted.

Eventually, she told me that what she really wanted was a husband who loved her and who truly was home because he wanted to be there. I asked her if she knew that she didn’t have this. Because if she were to look around, she would clearly see that her husband was under her roof telling her that he did love her and was home because he wanted to be.

Time was going to tell if he were being truthful. But right now, she had two choices. The first was to continue to question and doubt the relationship and run the risk of placing the marriage in further jeopardy. The second was to take a wait and see approach and to be open to seeing what would happen if she want into this with an open heart but an observant attitude.

I know that believing what your husband says right now is extremely difficult, but he sometimes is telling the truth. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, today my marriage is actually stronger than it ever was before. I also did a lot of work on myself and am happier as the result. Our bond and intimacy is much stronger and my self esteem is at an all time high. I no longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read a very personal story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Relationship Help Cheating – Afraid You Two Won’t Get Back Together Because You Cheated? Here’s Help

Across the world there are people looking for relationship help cheating advice. Finding out that your partner cheated is devastating. One thing I can tell that ‘s for sure is that saving a relationship after cheating will be one of the toughest things you’ll go through with your partner. That’s whether you cheated or they did.

Couples cheat because there’s something lacking in their relationship. Don’t let this upset you because if you got cheated on you’re gonna have to realize that there something lacking between you two that caused your partner to cheat.

If you’re going to save your relationship after cheating you have to find out why it happened. First thing you should do is find out the reasons why your partner cheated. Find out if this was the first time your partner cheated or if they’ve unfaithful for a long time.

Cheating is a betrayal of trust, and the only way you can rebuild that trust with your partner is communication. You have to be honest about everything. Not a single untruthful word can be said to your partner. At the moment you tell your partner you cheated, its likely they may not want to talk to you.

When this is the case, you need to give your partner some space and time to take it all in. No matter how hard you try, they may not want to talk to you when you tell or they find out. Just have a line of communication to your partner or ex.

Whether you’re trying to communicate to your partner through their friends, family members, or to them directly. Just make sure you have a way of getting across how you feel to your partner. Tell your partner that it was a mistake that’ll never happen again.

If they decide to talk to you, then start giving them an honest and genuine explanation for why you cheated. You be honest and truthful about everything that happened. Make sure your partner understands that this is something that will never happen again.

Make sure you know you’ll do whatever it takes to stay together. If you have to change for the better than do it. If you have to live somewhere else for awhile do it. See if your partner wants to go to places together and rebuild your relationship.

It takes trust and utter commitment to make relationships work because its hard to start a relationship and even harder to keep one going. This great relationship help cheating advice and I hope it helps you.

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How Do I Forgive My Husband For Cheating – Should I Forgive My Cheating Husband Just Because I Love Him?

How Do I Forgive My Husband For Cheating

“Should I forgive my cheating husband just because I love him a lot?” Your husband is probably asking you for forgiveness, but you are in a fix because it is hard for you to accept his cheating behaviour, but on the other hand, you love your husband deeply. The fact is you do not know how to forget and forgive his cheating affair, this is why you are struggling so hard on your decision. Here are some advices that will help you to decide if you should forgive your cheating husband.

Calm down your emotion
Almost everyone will feel emotional when they find out a betrayal in a relationship and when you are facing such circumstances, it is best that you tell your spouse that you want some space and time to be left alone. Go for a short holiday or a break to relieve the stress from this marriage. How Do I Forgive My Husband For Cheating

Review on your marriage
It is necessary to understand what went wrong in your marriage. Hear about what your husband say and discuss the things that both of you need to do differently for the marriage to be saved. If your husband is truly regretful about his mistake, he will definitely be very willing to cooperate and work out with you on what is lacking in the marriage.

Rebuild lost trust
If you are still thinking if you should forgive your husband because there is no longer trust in the marriage, take some time and effort to spend more time together again. When your cheating husband wants total forgiveness from you, he will also try hard to bring the marriage back onto the track. If you can give him another chance to build the trust, you will eventually know how to forgive him as well. How Do I Forgive My Husband For Cheating

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My Husband’s Claiming He Cheated Because He Doesn’t Love Me. Why?

I often hear from wives who are confused as to why their husband is suddenly claiming not to love them any more after his affair has been discovered. I recently heard from a wife who said, in part: “the affair is still pretty fresh. I only found out about three weeks ago. And I am in such pain. I’ve been repeatedly asking my husband why he had an affair. For a while, he kept telling me that he doesn’t know. But yesterday, he finally blurted out ‘because I don’t love you.’ This hurts so much, but it also confuses me because, just three days ago, he was proclaiming his undying love for me and begging for my forgiveness. And, three months ago, we closed on a home that we are having built. Why would a man who doesn’t love his wife make plans for the future? And why would a man who doesn’t love his wife repeatedly tell her that he does while asking for her forgiveness? None of this makes any sense. I’m not saying that we didn’t have problems in our marriage that contributed to the affair. But I don’t believe for one second that have loving feelings toward me. Why would he claim that he cheated because he doesn’t love me?”

There are many potential reasons that a husband might claim he doesn’t love you after his affair. I will go over some of them in the following article.

Your Husband Might Say He Doesn’t Love You After Cheating Or Having An Affair As A Defense Mechanism: Many husbands know full well that what they have done is terribly wrong and that they deserve your full wrath and extreme anger as a result. They don’t look all that forward to this process, even though most realize that they were in the wrong and this is pretty much all their fault.

Still, they sometimes want to avoid your looks of disappointment, your continuing questions, and your potentially telling him that you can’t love him or continue on with the marriage anymore. So, he figures he will beat you to the punch. If he can proclaim that he doesn’t love you before you can tell him the same, then he feels a greater sense of control.

He May Not Have An Answer For You As To Why He Cheated. He May Feel Like Not Loving You Is A Reason That You Will Not Question: Many husbands aren’t being completely untruthful when they tell you that they aren’t quite sure why they cheated. Often, one reason that they cheat is because of personal issues, flaws, or disappointments that they just don’t want to (or can’t) face. In that sense, they are almost in denial. So, when you ask them what would make you do something like this or what in the world they were thinking, sometimes they truly do not an answer for you that is going to make any sort of sense. And so, they cling to the one thing that is the most likely to get you to stop asking questions – the claim that they no longer love you. Even if this isn’t true, they might hope this declaration stops you from continuing to ask or to look too closely at them. In a way, he’s hoping that this stops you in your tracks and inspires you to stop pushing.

Sometimes A Husband Will Tell You That He Doesn’t Love You After His Cheating Or Affair Because He Is Shifting The Blame Onto You: Believe it or not, dealing with the aftermath of the affair can be somewhat painful to the man who cheated. It can be very difficult to analyze, admit to, and then answer for his behavior. Sometimes, in order to avoid this discomfort, a man will become defensive. Because it can be uncomfortable and painful to take full responsibility for such horrible and dishonest behavior, a man will look for a way to shift the blame. Sometimes, men or husbands will give you the line that you didn’t understand them and weren’t there for them. Other times, they’ll just proclaim that they didn’t love you as this excuse possibly makes more sense than any other – even if they (or you) don’t fully believe this.

He Might Actually Think Or Believe He Doesn’t Love You (At Least For Now) Often, a man has to alter his thinking in order to carry out cheating or an affair. I often hear comments like “the husband that I know would never cheat.” Or “the man who I loved had integrity and wasn’t a liar or a cheat which is why I don’t understand why he did this.” And it’s for reasons like these that men often have to put up defense mechanisms to quiet those doubts and those feelings of guilt that are constantly plaguing them during this process. As the result, they will sometimes attempt to close themselves off to those things which used to matter a great deal to them. They might back away from old friends, their jobs, their kids, or even you because remaining in close contact while they are being so dishonest is very difficult.

So they may actually convince themselves that they are happier or more themselves while they are cheating. They might actually think that they’ve developed loving feelings for the other woman. They might tell themselves that for the first time they are happy, thinking about themselves first, and living the lifestyle that they have wanted all along. And since you are part of their old life, they may try to distance themselves from you and proclaim that they don’t (or perhaps never did) love you.

If there’s any silver lining in all of this it’s that usually, with some time, many men do eventually realize how flawed their thinking and their actions truly were and they begin to see things more clearly. It’s not at all uncommon for them to later realize that they do in fact love you and they did in fact make a colossal mistake. Sometimes, this realization comes too late and sometimes, their wives are willing to give them one more chance to make things right. But there really are countless reasons that a man might claim that he doesn’t love you after an affair and many of these reasons turn out to be invalid or just not true.

My husband didn’t necessarily claim he didn’t love me after his affair, but he did initially make underhanded comments that implied that the affair was partially my fault. With the passage of time, and with my making it very clear that I would not tolerate this kind of blame shifting, he eventually backed off of that stance and became more himself. After a lot of work and healing, our marriage did recover after his affair and is pretty fulfilling now. If it helps, you can read more about how we healed on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/.  Her article website is at http://katie-lersch-articles.com

I Feel Like My Life Is Destroyed Because Of My Husband’s Cheating

I sometimes hear from wives who are struggling greatly after a husband’s cheating, infidelity, or affair. I understand how devastating this can feel. You can feel as if your entire married life was a lie. You can feel like the love and commitment was all one sided. And you wonder how you could have been so blind and so vulnerable.

I recently heard from a wife who said, in part: “My husband’s affair has literally destroyed my life. Before I found out about his cheating, I was a happy, trusting, and extroverted person. I had a job I loved and many friends. I had a good marriage that made me very happy. I had a full life. But now, all that has changed. My marriage is in shambles. I no longer trust people and am very guarded. I am no longer happy go lucky. I’ve lost some friends that were mutual to both of us. I also lost my job and although I was told it was due to downsizing, I suspect my depression and the changes in me had something to do with it. I feel such rage for my husband for doing this to us. I feel as if my whole life has been stolen, ruined, and taken away. Will I ever stop feeling this way? When will it get better?”

Letters like these bring back a lot of memories for me. I remember how it felt to wonder if your whole life was just pulled out from under you like prank chair or a magician’s rug. It’s not a good feeling and it hurts to the core. But, I want you to know that it can and often does get better. In the following article, my goal is to offer you a little perspective and support in the hopes that it makes you feel a little bit better and provides you with some relief.

I Know That You May Feel As If Your Life Is Destroyed, But Take Stock Of What You Still Have: By no means am I trying to minimize what you feel. I have been there because my own husband had an affair and I know that your feelings are absolutely valid and understandable. I know that it feels as if you’re waking up to a life that is both strange and undesirable and this is so unfair because you did nothing wrong and you are at the mercy of someone else’s actions and decisions.

At the same time though, as powerful and as devastating as this all can be, you have to throw yourself a life raft sometimes. Because it’s not fair for you to have to feel this way for one second longer than is necessary. Yes, your life has no doubt changed. And yes, some of these changes might be negative ones. But by classifying your life as ruined, you may well be selling yourself short and missing out on the opportunities and gifts that you still possess.

Please don’t misunderstand and think that I’m trying to minimize or gloss over what you feel. I’m truly not. But at the same time, I know from experience that it often does get better and I don’t want for you to continue to feel hopeless if you do not have to. Yes, you may have lost your perception of your marriage before the affair. But you haven’t lost yourself, your gifts, your extended family, your ability to love again one day, and your ability to recover.

I know this hurts, but sometimes, in order to feel better, some perspective can help. Take inventory of what you do still have. Some examples which may be applicable are: your home; your family; your health; your remaining friends (who are likely better and more genuine friends than the ones who left at the first sign of trouble;) your skills and talents (which likely mean that you can get a new and perhaps better job;) and the wonderful and capable woman that you still are.

It’s so important to understand that one person’s actions and decisions should not and do not affect who you are. They don’t change the gifts that you have and the uniqueness of you. Yes, they may well have affected you in a negative way. And this is no doubt painful. But no one can rob you of yourself.

I remember telling a very good friend that I felt like life as I knew it was over after my husband’s affair. At the time, what she said annoyed me, but looking back, I can see now that it was exactly what I needed. She said something like: “yes, your life has changed and that’s not fair. But your life is not over. You still have your life which is more than our friend with breast cancer might be able to say. One day you will smile and love and laugh again because you are a wonderful person who deserves nothing less than that. This will happen because your spirit and essence can not and will not be crushed. You are a fighter, although you may not know or feel it right now. I have no doubt that you will one day love the life that you have rebuilt although the process may not be all that pleasant right now.”

I didn’t want to hear her words that day, but everything that she said turned out to be true. I know that when infidelity happens to you, it can feel like your life is being altered forever. But recovery is not only possible, it happens each and every day. Some people are actually able to learn from this process so that some good comes out of the bad. Some rebuild their marriage and even more rebuild themselves. I don’t mean to minimize what you are feeling, but I do want you to know that it can and often does get better over time and I don’t want for you to allow your present thinking and discouraging feelings to cloud your future, which will often turn out to be a whole lot brighter than what feels possible today.

As I alluded to, I did not believe a couple of years ago that I would be where I am today. My marriage did recover, but more importantly, I learned a lot about myself and just how strong and capable I truly was and I don’t think I’d trade that for anything. If it helps, you can read more of my story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/.  Her article website is at http://katie-lersch-articles.com

My Cheating Husband Came Back Because His Mistress Went Back To Her Husband

I recently heard from a wife whose husband had just come back to her after his affair. However, she wasn’t sure if this was a victory after all. Even though she had been hoping the husband would come back for quite some time, she firmly believed that she only got him back by default.

She explained, in part: “I’m completely sure that he only came back to me because the women he was cheating on me with decided to go back to her husband. If this hadn’t happened, there is no doubt in my mind that my husband would still be with her. I know that he’d rather be with her than with me.”

I spent a little bit of time trying to clarify what happened because many wives in this situation feel second best. This is very common. And sometimes, if you talk to the husband on the other side of the story, he will tell you that he does want to be with his wife and made the choice to come home on his own.

Still, the wife in this situation said that when she pressed her husband as to why he was choosing to come back now, the husband finally said that the other woman had decided to return to her husband while he had decided to return home also.

Of course, the wife inferred this to mean that the husband only chose to come home after the affair because he did not have any other choice. And, I can certainly understand why the wife felt this way, but her focus seemed to be solely on this issue. She wasn’t thinking about what she was going to do in the future or how she could begin to move forward. She was only focused on how she was second best. What she didn’t see was that the husband could have gone to a hotel. He could’ve stayed with other family members. He could have chosen not to come home or contact her at all. But he didn’t.

And the wife wasn’t even asking herself what she really wanted or how she wanted to respond to this new turn of events. In the following article, I will discuss this topic in more detail.

When You Think Your Husband Came Back To You After His Affair Only Be Default: This is such a common topic. I can’t tell you how many women tell me that they’re worried that their husband only came back because the other woman broke things off and that they only won because the other woman is no longer available.The thing is, worries such as these often don’t have any real resolution and just keep you stuck and in pain. Because it’s virtuously impossible to know exactly what your husband is thinking (and you often aren’t going to believe his reassurances or what he says anyway,) you’ll often have to make a decision as how you’re going to let these perceptions affect you.

It often comes down to believing your assumptions and deciding that the situation is hopeless, or committing to trying to have an open mind and see what happens in the future. And sometimes, it really does help to understand that much of the time, you’re projecting your own personal doubts onto the situation. It’s painful to admit this and no one wants to. But often we think worse of ourselves and our situation than anyone else because of our own self esteem issues (that the affair often makes worse) or of our own ability to believe in ourselves.

A friend of mine used to tell me that I had to believe that if my husband didn’t see how lucky he was to have me, it was him who had the problem, not me. I did not believe this for an instant at the time, but I do believe it today. And it does help.

Deciding On The Future Of Your Marriage After His Cheating: (Her Going Back To Her Husband Should Not Affect Your Outcome:) I asked the wife in this situation what she truly wanted. I think it was safe to say that, at this point, she still didn’t know. So, I asked her why the other woman’s decision to go back to her husband had to also decide her marital outcome. In other words, just because this other woman made a decision about her own marriage, this didn’t mean the wife had to make a similar decision before she was ready to do so.

If she wasn’t comfortable with how her husband felt about her, then she didn’t need to make any commitments or promises until she was ready to do so. And, if her own self doubts and insecurities were running counter to what her husband was telling her, then there was nothing wrong with doing things to strengthen her rather than weaken her. Because she did not deserve to feel like she was second best when none of this was her fault.

Boosting Your Own Self Esteem Until You Realize He’s Lucky To Have You: As I’ve alluded to, sometimes rebuilding your self confidence can help with this issue very much. If you can get to place where you are confident in yourself and realize that you don’t need any validation from him (or even her,) he will often take notice and this will make you appear more attractive to both of you as the result.

And sometimes, you just have to realize that you’re going to have to build yourself up and wait it out. Because in this case, it was impossible for the wife to predict what was going to happen in her marriage. She didn’t know what the outcome was going to be. But, I felt strongly that she should worry much less about the other woman and her husband and start focusing on her own marriage as she was able to do so.

At this point the affair was over and both people were moving on. So continuing to dwell on the other woman was stepping backward. And whether she determined that she wanted to save the marriage or not, it was important to look forward rather than backward.

I know this issue is extremely difficult, but he sometimes healing is possible. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, today my marriage is actually stronger than it ever was before. I also did a lot of work on myself and am happier as the result. Our bond and intimacy is much stronger and my self esteem is at an all time high. I no longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read a very personal story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Broke Up Because He Cheated ? Get Your Cheating Ex Back Today

It’s hard to live with a cheating boyfriend. Many relationships end as a result of that cheating. Sometimes though, you realize all too late that he really is the only man for you. It is during these times when you are faced with the difficult task of trying to get your cheating ex back.

Most times he will not dive immediately into another relationship. Quite often he will take his time, even though he was cheating with another woman, on getting involved in another long drawn out commitment. This means you have a small window of opportunity before he moves on in which you can more easily win him back.

Doing these things will make it a little easier to get your cheating ex back:

Use your history to your advantage.You know your ex well. You may even know him better than anyone else. Use what you know about him to help you plan an effective strategy to win him back.

Pay attention to verbal and nonverbal cues from your ex.You know his tells and can see when something is getting his attention as well as when it is putting him off. Use his own body language to gauge just how effective your efforts to get him back are.

Here what he is really saying.At a time like this it is really important that you hang on every word and hear them all as they were intended and now how you would like them to say. It’s so easy to hear what you want to hear at a time like this and not what is really being said. Pay close attention and hear the entire message before you act on it or leap to the wrong conclusion.

Give him a little time to come to terms with how he feels. A second chance is a big deal and it may be one that he has been hoping for or one that he never even entertained the possibility of. This is a new dimension for him to consider many times and you need to turn off the pressure and let him work out how he really feels about it.

Don’t burn the bridge.Even if his first instinct is to say no, it’s a good idea not to burn any bridges with him at this time. It could be that he’s saying no right now because he really needs the time to draw the same conclusions about the two of you getting back together or to convince himself that it really was his idea to begin with.

The decision to get your ex back after he cheated on you wasn’t an easy one to make. It’s probably not going to be easy for him either. Give him the time and space he needs to come to terms with it all for the best results.


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