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Battlefield 5 Or Bad Company 3 May Be Incoming As DICE Confirms A New

Battlefield 5 Or Bad Company 3 May Be Incoming As DICE Confirms A New
It was just last week that rumors about a potential Battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3 was in the works, thanks in large part of an IMDB listing. While the particular source was dubious enough that there were some if wondered it was some kind of prank, it …
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Fighting the War After the Battlefield

I stay awake at night sometimes rocking back and forth under my Asian duvet covers, and just think about all the things that we all went through during our time in the military. It is hard to think about the friends we lost there because there where many but, to think that one day you are joking around with them and telling each other all the things you are going to do when you both make it back okay and then the next thing you know you are picking up your friends body parts. This is not easy for anyone but, it was especially hard on me. Many people broke down that day the I.E.D hit us. But, not I instead I stayed firm and just did the job I had to do. Even when we where told to pick up the bodies of our comrades and separate the body pieces by color the best we could, while everyone else threw up and hesitated I still just did the job I had to do. That day when I took those men’s lives without a thought I still just did what I had to do.

But, now that I have left the military I am now faced with the nightmares of my past. And everything that has happen has become oh too real. Now the memories of my comrades haunt my very soul. And I think many times about the lives I took and if was really for me to do such a harsh thing as take another man’s life. Even though I realize I was at war and that is what I had to do. For me it still does not justify my action. To think if I was on the other side of that war would I have had enough courage as that man must have had. To walk knowingly into my own death. Although they did jump out at us with the intent to shoot us, to think that they would jump out at fifteen well armed enemy combatants just shows what kind of men they where and shows how much they believe in that cause. The war that I fought was not an easy one but the war that I and everyone else who has served continues to fight is proving to be the toughest battle yet.


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