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Minecraft Is Back With A Story Mode Title On iOS And Android

Minecraft Is Back With A Story Mode Title On iOS And Android
Minecraft has been plotted in an open world, letting users set their own stories personally or with friends. Some users have accumulated huge audience on YouTube by cubing their own world within the game. However, one of the most successful …
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I Want My Ex Back Even Though They Have Cheated – Should I?

Are you sitting around saying, “I want my ex back!,” even if they strayed? The truth is that a lot of people do. The easy thing is really to kick them out and harden your heart and tell yourself you deserve better. Do you?

You need to understand that nobody deserves to get hurt. But the reality of life is that you will get hurt. This will happen and it will usually be somebody you really care about. If you decide to run from the relationship and start another one, guess what? You will most likely get hurt again. It may not be from an affair, but something else will crop up and you will be in the same position.

Where does this leave you then? Well, you can get bitter, or you can forgive. You really need to forgive even if they are not asking for it. It will help you not to become bitter and you will be much better off.

If you want to salvage the relationship and are still saying,” Yes, I want my ex back”, then you need to start the process of getting them back.

Once you are back together, you need to make a commitment to each other to really work through all the pain that the affair caused. This will require a lot of work for both of you to get back to the level you were at before, but it can be worth it in the end. You first need to discover how to get your ex back and once you are back together you should go to counseling to get beyond all the hurt.

Some may read this and think this may not be possible, but it is. Reconciliation after an affair can happen and you can actually have a better relationship if you put in all the necessary work.

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He Cheated – Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Taking Him Back

How can you be sure that if he cheated and got caught once, he will not do it again? Are you with a man who has been unfaithful and are now debating on whether or not to end the relationship for good? Can you really learn to trust a man again once he has betrayed you with another girl? It’s okay to be confused about what to do when a guy cheats on you. If you really love him and had a great future planned with him in it, there is nothing more heartbreaking than trying to decide whether or not to let him go. Before you make a decision that will affect the rest of your life, there are some questions that you must ask yourself.

First, do you think that he cheated because of something that you did? Now, it is easy for women to blame themselves, and if he is also somehow blaming you then you may start to believe that it is your fault. When is it your fault that he cheated? Although infidelity is never excusable, if you yourself have not been faithful, then how can you expect him to be faithful to you. You can’t. If you are both guilty and you both want to stay together then you need to talk things out. Either you will both have to give up other people or you will have to break up and move on.

Now, you are going to have to wake-up and recognize that some men are just cheaters at heart who will never change. It may be because he grew up thinking that cheating was just something men did and women put up with. On the other hand, he may have a psychological problem that keeps him from being able to remain faithful. At any rate, guys like this will never learn to be monogamous. If that sounds like your guy, don’t sit around praying that he will magically change. Just get out and find someone more emotionally mature.

Now, if you suspect that your guy is not a chronic cheater and just made a really awful one time mistake, you will have to decide whether or not you are the type of woman who can live with betrayal. Be honest with yourself and know that it will be a life-long process and that while you may forgive you won’t ever forget it. If you still think that you can handle the fact that he cheated, make him live his apology to you by working hard to gain your trust back. Unfortunately, most men will not live up to that challenge, so you might want to consider not wasting any more of your time with him.

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Becoming An Article Ghost Writer ? 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Way Back When

It’s hard to imagine that six short years ago I first wrote content for hire – ten articles on weight loss supplements.  Now I have my own successful article ghost writer service.  It just goes to show that if you stick with it, you can make good things happen.  Here are some things I wish I’d known back in the beginning; it might’ve taken less than six years to get here!


Treat It As A Business


At first, I wrote articles in the evenings for a little extra cash.  Actually, it was to pay off my student loans.  I had no thoughts about doing it full-time like I am now.  So, for me it was nothing too serious and I didn’t treat it like a business.  The fact is, it is a business, and the sooner you start thinking of it that way, the sooner it will take off.


Running your own business means being professional, keeping track of the money, staying organized and managing your time well.  No matter what kind of slacker you might be, these are things you can learn and practice.


Value Yourself And Your Service


When I first started writing, I couldn’t believe people were paying me for words!  And this led me to seriously devalue myself.  The reason is that I thought the value of my work was $ 0.  If they offered me $ 5 an article, I thought it was just great that anybody paid me for my work.  I’ve gradually come to realize its worth, but I did way too many lousy jobs for low money.


You should set your prices according to what it’s worth to you.  Even if you enjoy writing, you’ve still got to be serious about it.  If the time and effort it takes you to write on article is $ 10, then charge $ 10. 


Another way you can do this is to calculate the time.  Decide how much you want to make in one hour, divide it by how many articles you can do in one hour, and now you’ve got your rate.  For example, let’s say you can do 3 articles in an hour.  If you want to make $ 20 an hour, you should charge at least $ 6 per article.  Then again, why not charge $ 12 and make $ 40 an hour!?  You’re a freelancer so go for it.


Over Deliver And You Will Always Do Well


Finally, always give your client more than they expected.  Get your stuff sent off to them before the deadline.  Throw in an extra article or some re-writes.  Just do a little more than they expect, and they’ll stick with you and give you lots of work.  Doing this creates more value for everybody.

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Get Your Husband Back ? One Tip That’s Too Good to Miss to Get Your Husband Back After Cheating

Want to know what it takes to get your husband back after cheating on him? Many women feel that this was the final kiss of death for their marriages. It can be, if you allow it to. If you aren’t inclined to do so though there are a few options that are available to you. The first, and often most attractive, is to get your husband back and save your marriage.

Thank that’s something akin to an impossible mission? It’s time to rearrange your thinking a bit.

You CAN do this. I’m going to help. Keep reading all the way to the bottom and then follow the link to watch the free video I’ve made that will help you get real results from your efforts to save your marriage fast.

What’s this one tip that’s too good to miss? You’re going to love this.

You have to make your husband believe it’s his idea to save the marriage if you want to get your husband back after cheating.

You’ve probably done this before on matters far less important than saving your marriage. You know how effective this particular tactic can be on small things. Surprisingly though, most women fail to consider this as they come up with a game plan to save their marriages. It’s highly effective and the results can be even better than you would have dared to hope.

How do you do this?

You plant the idea in his mind in a way that allows him to draw the conclusion that saving your marriage is the right choice for him. The best way to do this is to make him fall in love with you again. Let him see what he’s going to miss if you walk out of his life for good.

Get out the old photo albums and start going through the good times you had together. Share a little laughter and a few tears as you sift through your past to find common ground you can still build your future on.

Show him just how much you admire and respect him today. Tell him how much you loved him then and let him know how and why that love has only deepened over the years you’ve spent together. Be the girl he fell in love with the first time around and he’ll have no desire to walk away. In fact, he may actually decide that it’s in his best interest to pursue YOU!

You’ve already done everything you need to do to get your ex back one time – when you got him in the first place. It’s time to turn up the charm once again and convince your man that he is the best man for you.


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Want To Get Your Cheating Wife Back ? This Mind Blowing Psychological Trick Will Get The Job Done

It isn’t all that hard to get your cheating wife back when you know the right steps to make and have the roadmap laid out in front of you. The problem is that most people don’t get the directions needed. Instead, they follow their hearts which often lead them astray. Keep reading to find out the one mind blowing mind trick that will help you get your cheating wife back in a flash.

There are all kinds of things you can do in an effort to get your cheating wife back. Some of them will be effective while others, not so much. You don’t need to waste time with hit or miss efforts when you can do one thing that will turn her into putty in your hands from the very start.

Once you get her to that point, everything else is really moot. So, what is this stunning mental trick that will help you get the results you want with your wife once and for all?

It’s simply this: make your wife feel like you need her.

Can it really be that simple? Women stay in relationships they should have walked away from years ago for this very reason. I’m not advocating an abusive relationship by any means. This is what you need to do when you genuinely love your wife and want to make your relationship work.

You must regret the fact that you hurt your in a way that led to her cheating on you and be devoted to making your marriage better this time around if you get the second chance you’re angling for. In other words it can’t be a mind trick for the sake of a mind trick. It needs to be sincere. You need to have come to the conclusion that you really do need your wife in your life in order for this to work. She’ll see straight through anything less than absolute sincerity and you can’t afford to miss the mark this time around.

Yes, your wife was the one who cheated on you. Yes, you are the injured party. But, you are also the one who is interested in making your marriage work. This means that it is your pride that is going to have to be substantially swallowed in order to make things work out in the end.

Guess what though?

I have faith in you that you can pull this off to win the girl and ride off into the sunset in the end now that you know the one thing you must do to get your cheating wife back.


Are you ready to do whatever it takes to end the suffering of those lonely nights without your wife by your side? Are you ready to get your wife back once and for all?


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Get Your Husband Back After You’ve Cheated On Him With This Mad Mind Trick

Ladies, it isn’t an easy thing to get your husband back after you’ve cheated on him. But, it can be MUCH easier if you follow the right tactics to make it happen. Did you know that men often take being cheated on much harder than women? It’s true. Find out why it’s so hard for men and what one thing you need to do to get your husband back after you’ve cheated on him or to get him in the right frame of mind to give your marriage another chance below.

Men have such a hard time coming to terms with and getting through a cheating wife than women partly because they bury their emotions so deep. You may think, on the surface, that your husband has the emotional depth of a fruit fly but that’s really not the case. He feels things very deeply. He just doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeves as some women believe they would like him to do.

On the flip side, most women who make claims that they would love to see their husband’s be a little more sensitive actually balk (or yell screaming something along the lines of “man up!”) when he does actually show his emotions in all their glory. Trust me ladies, sometimes it’s better to let him carry on the illusion of a lack of emotional depth. In the end you want your husband to be strong. He’s supposed to be your rock.

So, how do you get your strong man, who is deeply hurt on the inside but not showing it on the outside, to give your marriage (and by default, you) a second chance? Sounds like such a mouthful doesn’t it?

Believe it or not there is one little thing, that borders on the side of a mind trick (OK I give in, it’s a blatant mind trick but this one is harmless), that works like a charm every single time.

What is it?

You make him believe that getting back together and saving your marriage is all, 100%, completely and totally his idea.

Remember those Microsoft commercials for Windows 7 where people were telling their own stories about how Windows 7 was their ideas? There’s no harm in letting people believe a good idea is all their own – especially when it happens to coincide with your goals. Your job, if you really want to get your husband back after you’ve cheated on him is to convince him that getting back together is his idea.


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How to Downplay Your Affair – Getting Your Ex Back After You Cheated

Unfaithfulness almost always leads to break up, and in almost every case one person will be begging their loved one to take them back. If you’re that person, and you’re trying to get your ex back after you cheated, you’ll need to know what works… and what doesn’t. Getting your ex to love you, miss you, and finally trust you again should be your goal – but you should also know that such a reconciliation won’t be an overnight process. Winning back your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend will take some time.

Yet one mistake most cheaters make is a big one: disclosing too much informationafter they’ve been caught cheating. Doing this can absolutely ruin your chances of getting back together again.

That’s not to say you should deny the affair or try to defer blame. Accepting responsibility for what you did is an important part of the healing process, and one you can’t skip over if you ever want to date your ex again. You cheated – and you should be very sorry for it. By now you should’ve apologized to your boyfriend or girlfriend for what you did, and promised never to be unfaithful again. Even if your partner has already broken up with you, a strong part of them still wants to hear you say that you’ll be faithful from this point forward.

Downplaying your affair however, is much different than deferring blame. While you need to accept what you did, you don’t need to divulge everything that happened. And in fact, you shouldn’t… because it will make the picture of the affair that much more etched in your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend’s mind.

Your ex knows you cheated, and probably knows who you were with. What they don’t need to know is where you had sex with this person… what kind of things you did… and how often you did them. After you’ve been caught cheating, an ex will often suddenly want to “know everything” about the affair. They’ll interrogate you as to who, what, where, when, and why. They’ll want to know places, times, even positions… they’ll unwantingly begin drawing a picture in their own minds about what happened with you and this other person. And even worse? Because you’re trying to appease them and make them happy (in your attempt to get your ex back), you’ll actually begin answering those questions.

Bad move.

Anything and everything you tell your ex girlfriend or boyfriend about your affair will be forever burned into their brain. Even if you get back together again, years later they’ll have images of those painful things you did. Instead of giving them this picture, you need to downplay the whole thing. Tell them you hardly saw this person, and that when you did, it wasn’t all that great. Gloss over details, and forget other ones. You’re owning up to being unfaithful, but you’re lessening the whole affair in your ex’s mind.

Are you lying? Yes. But it’s an innocent lie, and you’re also helping your ex get past the cheating while helping the situation between the two of you. Do your ex this favor, because it’ll help them heal a lot faster than if you painted a vivid picture of everything and anything you might’ve done.

Getting your ex back after you cheated is easily accomplished, as long as you have a step by step plan. Knowing the right moves to make and the right times to make them can put you back together again. There are methods you can use to rebuild your partner’s trust, and techniques that will get them to forget – for the most part – about you cheating on them. And by downplaying the whole affair, you’re making your job that much easier.

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The Best Poem to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Because You Cheated

I’m sorry to hear that your girlfriend broke up with you. It sounds like you were to blame since you cheated on her. I’m going to be honest, that wasn’t very smart on your part. Anyway, you have had a change of heart. You realize that you messed up and are ready to do whatever you need to do to get her back. You are ready to get back with your ex girlfriend. Right?

A poem from the heart is a great way to let her know how you feel about her. But, you’ve got to realize that a single poem isn’t just going to fix everything. Right now, your ex-girlfriend is feeling betrayed, unloved, and broken. to get back together with your ex girlfriend, you are going to have to prove to her that you love her and are never going to cheat on her again. You need to show her that you have learned a lesson.

This isn’t a quick fix relationship project. There is no simple way for getting back together. This is a fragile process and free relationship advice is what you need. Well…. If I were trying to get back together with my ex girlfriend. I would definitely write her a short note to APOLOGIZE to her. I would then write her a poem from the heart to show her how much I love her.

Don’t BEG for her back! This is a huge mistake that I have seen many people make. It will backfire in your face and probably make her want to run away. Women do not like their men begging, even if they act like they do. They want a MAN. They want you feel comfortable in your arms.

Anyway, leave your phone number on the bottom of your notes, letters, and poems and leave a little note like, hope to hear from you soon. Don’t seem desperate, just show her you care and that you want to be with her. Now, I can’t tell you exactly what to say in you letters and poems because every situation is different. I can, however show you some guidelines to follow when writing to your ex in hopes of getting back together.


You messed up, not her. Make sure she knows that you realize that and ask her to forgive you.

#2 AGREE with the BREAK UP

You have to understand why she broke up with you. Agree that she did the right think and ask her to start over as friends.


We went over this just a second ago…. Don’t beg, it’s not a good idea, really…..


Brag about her to her in writing. Think of every little thing about her that you love and exploit it. Use descriptive imagery as much as possible to show her how much you notice and pay attention to her. Still, try to keep it short and simple…


Remind her of the great times you had together, bring up specific events and be sure to let her know that you miss holding her tight. You could talk about how you miss her breath on your neck, or how she looks into your eyes, or how her smile melts your heart. Make her remember then make her want more.


If you want to get back together with your ex girlfriend, show her that you are committed to fix relationship. She is probably feeling betrayed, lonely, and heart broken right now. She may have a difficult time coming back to you, so it is up to you to show her that you love and will not cheat on her again.

Getting your ex girlfriend back means you are going to need to be patient. What you did to her may have hurt her badly and can take some time for her to want to come back to you. Don’t give up. Keep lines of communication open at all times. It may be a good idea to not be seen around other women who would flirt with you or hang on you. Start now and you can get back with your ex girlfriend.

You may be stuck wondering what to do after a break up. Check out some great free videos and relationship advice that will help you Get back with your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. Find a step by step guide guaranteed to help you get back with your ex. no matter why you broke up. All relationships are salvageable.