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Becoming An Article Ghost Writer ? 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Way Back When

It’s hard to imagine that six short years ago I first wrote content for hire – ten articles on weight loss supplements.  Now I have my own successful article ghost writer service.  It just goes to show that if you stick with it, you can make good things happen.  Here are some things I wish I’d known back in the beginning; it might’ve taken less than six years to get here!


Treat It As A Business


At first, I wrote articles in the evenings for a little extra cash.  Actually, it was to pay off my student loans.  I had no thoughts about doing it full-time like I am now.  So, for me it was nothing too serious and I didn’t treat it like a business.  The fact is, it is a business, and the sooner you start thinking of it that way, the sooner it will take off.


Running your own business means being professional, keeping track of the money, staying organized and managing your time well.  No matter what kind of slacker you might be, these are things you can learn and practice.


Value Yourself And Your Service


When I first started writing, I couldn’t believe people were paying me for words!  And this led me to seriously devalue myself.  The reason is that I thought the value of my work was $ 0.  If they offered me $ 5 an article, I thought it was just great that anybody paid me for my work.  I’ve gradually come to realize its worth, but I did way too many lousy jobs for low money.


You should set your prices according to what it’s worth to you.  Even if you enjoy writing, you’ve still got to be serious about it.  If the time and effort it takes you to write on article is $ 10, then charge $ 10. 


Another way you can do this is to calculate the time.  Decide how much you want to make in one hour, divide it by how many articles you can do in one hour, and now you’ve got your rate.  For example, let’s say you can do 3 articles in an hour.  If you want to make $ 20 an hour, you should charge at least $ 6 per article.  Then again, why not charge $ 12 and make $ 40 an hour!?  You’re a freelancer so go for it.


Over Deliver And You Will Always Do Well


Finally, always give your client more than they expected.  Get your stuff sent off to them before the deadline.  Throw in an extra article or some re-writes.  Just do a little more than they expect, and they’ll stick with you and give you lots of work.  Doing this creates more value for everybody.

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How Hiring A Good Article Ghost Writer Gets You Web Traffic And Gets Your Product To The People

Article marketing is a sure-fire way to get traffic to your site and build a good customer base, and if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out.  It’s tough to write your own articles, and this is why most webmasters choose to hire an article ghost writer.  Outsourcing your content needs to an article ghost writer has several key advantages:


– They’re good at writing high quality articles that are informative and intriguing.  This is the kind of material you need to promote your website.

– A good article ghost writer knows how keywords, SEO and sales copy work, so they’re able to help you achieve your goals with the article submissions.

– It takes the work of writing off of your hands, and this can be a major time saver.  While it might take you days to write 10 articles in your niche, they can do it in an afternoon.


In other words, if you find a good article ghost writer, they’ll be your “go-to guy” (or “go-to gal!”) for all of your content needs.  And we all know that content is the king; it’s the raw material that you need to get your information product to the masses.  So, once you’ve decided to outsource, the next step is finding an article ghost writer that’s reliable and good at what they do.


Finding An Article Ghost Writer


There are a number of outsourcing websites that you can use to find coders, web designers, writers and other professionals, or you can check out freelance writing service websites and deal with them directly.  The disadvantage of using an outsourcing website is that both you and the writer have to pay fees to use their services.  This cuts into your profits on both sides.  Dealing directly means that you don’t have to pay these charges.


Choosing The Right Article Ghost Writer


Once you’ve found a few leads, it’s time to pick the best one.  Look at their samples first, and make sure they do quality work.  There should be no mistakes and the articles should read well.  You can also look at their testimonials to see what other folks have said about them. 


Finally, contact them.  A really big factor in how well you and your article ghost writer are going to work together is how well you can communicate with them.  If they reply to you and write in a friendly tone, you can tell they’re going to be easy to work with.  You’ll be needing this good communication in order to tell them what you’d like done with the work.

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On a recent ghost hunting night, the activity we encountered was amazing, read this article if you dare

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In a later vigil in the cellar, the infra red motion sensors were set off on numerous occasions, even in the full gaze of the stunned ghost hunters, Michelle, Emma and Joanne who were there investigating as to why the alarm had sounded in the first place, nothing untoward was found to have set the alarms off, was this the actions of spectral beings from the spirit world, toying with our equipment.

Glass divination was recorded in many of the vigils, and some aggressive banging and tapping was also heard when calling out to the ghostly inhabitants to communicate with our ghost hunters.


My name is Stuart Dawson I am a psychic medium and also the owner of an events company called Simply Ghost Nights, I am also a practicing spiritualist too.

I have seen many things you could call paranormal, supernatural or words to that effect. My aim is to give examples of life after death, not to shoe horn anyone, or brain wash them into believing what I tell them. I want to bring evidence that is built on excellent foundations, not to be laughed at or debunked, I’d like to bring my beliefs into the public domain , so that they can debated maybe disproved of, but as long as I can give people some food for thought, then I can say that I have being successful in my goal.

Hire An Article Ghost Writer Or Get It Done Yourself ? The Pros And Cons Of Each

Writing stinks.  Alright, maybe it doesn’t stink totally, but sometimes it’s a real pain in the neck.  When you’ve got 254 articles to write for your blog about floor wax, you might reach the point of insanity where you consider hiring an article ghost writer.  Outsourcing this task has its benefits, but so does getting it done yourself.  Let’s consider the pros and cons.


The Pros Of Just Getting To Work And Cranking It Out Yourself


Nothing makes you feel as great as knowing that you did it yourself!  Handling your own content creation means you can feel proud putting your name on your work.  You can put it out into the world and feel wonderful knowing that you wrote it.  That is, if it turned out the way you wanted it to.


The Cons Of Spending Your Entire Life Hammering Out Content


Okay, let’s face it; it was pure drudgery.  The reason we outsource to an article ghost writer is that it’s TOUGH to crank out great content and do it in a timely fashion.  Let’s face it, most of us just aren’t writers.  Taking the time to learn this skill takes away from time when you could be making money, getting backlinks or launching your next product.


The Pros Of Hiring An Article Ghost Writer To Create Your Unique Quality Content


A good article ghost writer can craft quality content that will get customers to your site – and they’ll be ready to buy.  They can make quality blogs that establish you as an expert in your field.  They can even handle your social bookmarking needs, tweeting and connecting to keep your name alive out there.  Basically, a good writer can handle anything you throw at them, and that means all your content needs are taken care of.


The Cons Of Giving Your Money To Some Random Guy On The Other Side Of The Earth


Honestly, not all “writers” are reputable people with a grasp of the English language.  To put it bluntly, some people claiming to be writers are rip-off artists.  If you plan to hire an article ghost writer, make sure they’re somebody with testimonials and samples of their work who respond to your emails in a timely and friendly manner.


As you can see, it’s a difficult question.  But just think – do you want to do your own content yourself, or would hiring an article ghost writer really help?  Or maybe you don’t have such a passion for floor wax after all?  How about changing niches, and then finding a great ghostwriter to help make your content shine?




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4 Steps To Getting Your Article Ghost Writer Career Rocking And Rolling

A couple of years ago, I never would’ve imagined that I’d be making a full-time living as an article ghost writer.  Everyday I’m sitting here doing what I love, and I never have to deal with commuting to work, lousy bosses, office politics or the drudgery of working for someone else.  I gave it some thought and figured out that it took 5 steps to get from doing a little part-time writing on the side to being a full-time article ghost writer.


Step 1 – Get Started On A Freelancer Site


Before you launch into writing full-time, you should do lots of writing to make sure it’s right for you.  At one time, there were only certain topics I’d write on; but eventually, I expanded my pallet.  I wrote on every topic I could, and this gave me lots of experience.  I also got valuable experience in dealing with clients. 


Step 2 – Streamline Your Writing


I used to write one article in about 30 minutes.  That’s no way to go if you’re planning to do it full-time.  You’ve got to perfect your own system for writing and researching quickly.  Another huge roadblock to get over is writer’s block.  You have to learn how to quit procrastinating and get to work!  I’m still working out the kinks on that actually.


Step 3 – Create Your Own Website


Anybody who wants to be a full-time article ghost writer has to have their own site.  You can use Elance and all the other freelance sites, but you’ve got to have one place to send all your clients.  This is your home on the web.  If, like me, you’re a technological caveman, hire someone to do it.  It costs money, but it’s an investment that will pay off quickly.  If I’d decided to do it myself, it would’ve taken years!


Step 4 – SEO The Heck Out Of It


I never had any idea how easy it is to get traffic to my site!  This is a step in the process that I thought would be tedious, but I found that I really enjoyed it.  Once you’ve got your site set up, work on getting backlinks.  You can do this through article marketing, social bookmarking sites like Facebook, blogging, forum posting, sites like Squidoo and Hubpages – the options are limitless.  Do some keyword research and target those words.  What you’re doing is putting out leads on the web, trying to find the people who could use your service.


All of this has been much easier than I’d imagined.  But here’s the one tough part – getting off your behind and actually doing it!  It took me years to really get started and I regret that a little, but that’s just how it goes.  Find things that motivate you (money, freedom, lifelong learning) and work those into your plan.  Try to eliminate things that keep you from taking action.  If you get started and stick with it, you can make it happen!

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The Article Ghost Writer Vs. Writers Block ? What To Do When You Need Ideas

Here’s the situation – You’ve got 40 blog posts to write about garage door openers and you’ve hit an enormous chunk of writers’ block.  It’s staring you down, the couch and TV are calling, and the deadline keeps coming.  You could go out to your garage, open and shut the door for a while and see if the muse makes an appearance. Here are some quicker and more effective ways for an article ghost writer to think of ideas.


What Does Your Reader Want To Know?


First off, think about this.  When somebody gets online, what are they looking for?  Why are they going to read your articles, and what do they want to get out of them?  Since we’ve kind of worn out the whole garage door repair thing, let’s look at another niche for an example – sedation dentistry.  What on earth is sedation dentistry anyway?  Is it popular?  What do they do that’s different?  What are the benefits?  It sounds a little weird; is it safe? 


This list of questions that’s just popped into your head should give you ideas for at least 5 unique articles on the topic.  Just think – What does the reader want to know?  We look online for information because we need answers to questions, we need problems solved and we need pain eased.  Maybe, like most of us, your reader hates going to the dentist and what they’re looking for is a way to sleep through their next visit.


Do A Little Marketing Research Yourself


There are lots of sites you can go to for ideas.  Some of the best are question and answer sites.  Like Yahoo Answers, these are sites where people post questions and other users answer them.  Take a look at the questions asked about your topic.  These are all great article topic ideas.


Forums are also nice.  You can see what things people are talking about in your topic.  This will give you not only some ideas on what to write about, but also a good idea of “what’s hot” right now. 


You can also check out article directories for ideas as well.  Just look at titles and it will generate some ideas.  But one word of warning – don’t copy anything you see there too closely.  Chances are, your articles are going to end up there.  And we all know that plagiarism is a huge no-no.  Just look at titles to get ideas. 


You would be surprised at all the ideas out there waiting for you to pluck them up.  Thinking of ideas quickly and without much strain is a really important skill for any article ghost writer.  I once wrote 50 articles on mold removal and, believe me, the above techniques took the pain out of idea generation for me.

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How Much Does An Article Ghost Writer Cost? What You Can Expect For Your Money

Ready to start outsourcing your content needs to an article ghost writer?  If you’re an internet marketer who needs a steady stream of keyword-rich marketing articles, it’s a good step to take.  It frees you from the burden of doing it yourself.  The only catch is that it costs money.


The big question on your mind right now is “How much does it cost?”  Before we start talking numbers, let’s get to the bad news – there is no “going rate” as such.  Every article ghost writer charges their own rates.  The good news is that you can usually get an idea of the quality by the amount they charge.  A great writer isn’t going to offer their services for $ 1 an article, and paying $ 75 for a single article is definitely going to get you something incredible.  Let’s break it down by price range to give you a fairer idea.


The $ 1 to $ 4 Range – Anybody With A Laptop


“Our company offers quality articles for just $ 2 an article!”  If you pay this kind of money, you can be sure that your articles are being written in a sweatshop in a third world country, where typists who are barely literate are being cattle-prodded to churn out keyword stuffed nonsense that is somewhat relevant to your niche.  Okay, this is a slight exaggeration, but if you look around at the internet, you’ll see who’s paying $ 1 an article for their content.  The results are ungrammatical, riddled with spelling mistakes, and often completely incomprehensible.


The $ 5 to $ 9 Range – Part-Timers And Up-And-Comers


You can often find a speaker of English with decent writing skills to write articles for this range.  It might be a college kid doing some ghostwriting in the evenings for beer money, or a budding young writer just getting a feel for it and learning the ropes.  You may even be able to get some quality content for this price range.


The $ 10 to $ 15 Range – Professional Article Ghost Writer Services


Here is where you can find a quality article ghost writer that is still affordable.  There are lots of good professionals offering their skills at this price, and it creates good value for both you and them.  The price is just high enough that you can expect quality work without breaking the bank to get it.


The $ 20 to $ 200 Range – The Best That Money Can Buy


If you want some amazing stuff written by the pros in their field, you’ll have to shell out cash like this.  Each article will be a little masterpiece and you’ll never have to worry about them sending you stuff late or making excuses.  But you’re business has to be really running hot to turn a profit on stuff like this.


Hiring an article ghost writer is an investment.  You can take those articles they write for you and make huge profits on them.  The $ 10 you pay for quality articles can be easily turned into $ 100 or more – add as many zeros as your imagination will let you!  The trick is to find one who is fast, reliable and turns out quality work. 

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Test-Drive Your Article Ghost Writer Before You Buy

Every Internet marketer needs a good article ghost writer to crank out their quality content for them.  Once you’re hooked up with a good ghostwriter, you can form a long-term relationship where they take care of all your writing needs.  The tricky part is finding one to work with who is reliable and good at what they do.  Here is a great strategy for finding a great article ghost writer.  It’s a way to weed out all the writers out there until you find the right one.


Start With A Small Job


Offer them a small job, something like one or a couple of articles.  You can get an idea of how they write by looking at their samples, but they’ve picked those specially to be shown.  In other words, you want to see something fresh to get an idea of how well they research and write. 


Don’t try to get them to do an article for free.  No self-respecting article ghost writer does free work in the hopes of getting hired for more.  Like you, they’re looking for somebody to work with in the long-term and they don’t want to get burned.  Go ahead and pay them for the job.


Give Them A Challenge


Give them a difficult topic and see what they do with it.  Make them do a little research.  The reason you should pick something tough is that it helps you see how they handle challenges.  For them, it will take a bit more time researching.  If they’re good, they’ll do it.  After all, they should want to make their potential new client happy.  If they quit and give up because it’s too difficult, you don’t need to hire them.


Check Their Communication Skills

Throughout the process, see how they communicate with you.  In general, it’s good to work with people who respond quickly to your emails.  It’s also nice if they tell you when they’ll have it done, and deliver according to schedule.  When you communicate with someone, you get a feel for how they work, and this is crucial for long-term business relationships.


If their work is good, ask them how much work they can take on.  Grab ahold of them and don’t let them go.  You may have just found the right article ghost writer for you.  With your ghostwriter at your side, you’ll never have to worry about doing your own content or hiring flaky writers again.



I write your content so you don’t have to >> www.gregscottwrites.com.  I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt.  This article is copyright 2010 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.

A Killer Title Gets You Conversions ? Title Tips For The Article Ghost Writer

If you’re an article ghost writer, you really need to make sure your titles are good.  When you’re writing quick and easy general information articles, you need a title that’s going to make yours stand out.  It could be what makes or breaks your article, and if it’s done right, you can see lots of traffic that will equal conversions!


There are two really important things to always keep in mind about the title.  One, it should catch the attention of the reader.  Two, it should promise something and the article body should deliver it.  If you keep these two things in mind while you’re dreaming up your title, you’ll come up with something good.


How To Make Your Title Unique


Your title should be unique and attention grabbing.  They’re going to see a list of results for their search, and you want yours to jump out at them.  Sometimes a great idea pops into your head; more often, it takes a little thinking and tinkering.


One thing you can do is have a look at the competition.  On any article website, type in your keywords and see what else comes up.  You’ll usually see the usual – “The Benefits Of Blah-Blah,” “The Advantages And Disadvantages of Blah Blah,” “Blah Blah – Is It Right For You?” and so on.  Now, work on making yours different.  Put a unique twist on it that’s going to stand out from the rest.


Start Talking To The Reader On Word One Of Your Title


In this article, you should talk to the reader.  Just like I’m doing right now, use language that emphasizes “you.”  This is how you speak to them.  Start doing it in the title so that you can make a connection with them before they even start reading the article.  This helps to draw them in and hear your message.


Look at these two examples:


“How To Manage Monthly Finances To Get Out Of Debt Faster”


“How You Can Manage Monthly Finances So You’ll Get Out Of Debt Faster”


Just putting a “you” here and there makes a big difference. 


Put Some Time Into Your Titles


Finally, spend some time on thinking up titles.  Make it a big part of your writing process.  Spend time on your subheadings too.  This is what the most successful writers do because they know that the title’s what’s going to get people choosing their article over others’.  Coming up with great, unique titles that tell the reader exactly what they’ll get is a skill every article ghost writer should master.  It’ll mean more conversions for you!



I write your content so you don’t have to >> www.gregscottwrites.com.  I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt.  This article is copyright 2010 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.

The Shape Shifting Article Ghost Writer ? How To Successfully Write Using Different Voices

One of the most important skills for an article ghost writer to have is the ability to shift into different voices.  Your articles need to create a connection to the reader.  To do this, you need to speak their language.  The tone has to be appropriate to the niche.  Here are some examples of some different niches to illustrate my point.


– Forex Trading.  You’re writing for people who are trading global currencies; they’re business savvy and into making money.

– Truck Covers.  These articles should speak the language of a guy who thinks the world of his truck.

– Breast Cancer.  This is a sensitive topic and you need a woman’s voice.  Lots of care should be taken to make it soft.

– Student Loans.  You’re talking to 18 year olds who are clueless about their loans and lots of other things.  You need to sound friendly and hip.

– Deep Breathing Meditation Exercises.  Imagine the soothing voice and new age music in the background!

– Cooking The Perfect Steak.  Listen to it sizzle, let it fill your nostrils.  Have a steak ready to cook for when you finish these articles.

– Botox Injections.  Who wants Botox?  Women who want to turn back the clock a few years.


…And so on.  I could go on forever, and I will get carried away, so I’ll stop there.


How do you manage to have 300 different personalities at once?  It’s not easy and some people are institutionalized for it.  All joking aside, it just takes practice and experience.  Here are some tips.


Do Some Reading.  When you’re writing for a new niche and you need a new voice, do some surfing and read websites in the niche.  Even better, check out some forums and pay attention to how the people there (potential readers and customers) talk and think.


Imagine The Reader.  Maybe you know somebody who fits into the niche’s intended audience.  I used to write loads of catfish fishing articles.  I’ve never been fishing in my life, but I just imagined I was writing for my grandpa and uncles.


The More You Write, The Better You’ll Get.  It goes without saying probably, but the more writing you do in a niche, the better you’ll get.  You’ll start to internalize the info and become an expert, and then it’ll get easier.  Of course, some niches are easier to write for voice-wise, but if you follow these tips, you’ll always be able to shift tones.  This is an essential skill for any article ghost writer who wants to go beyond the just ordinary.


I write your content so you don’t have to >> www.gregscottwrites.com.  I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt.  This article is copyright 2010 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.