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Football transfer rumours: Is there another ?super? Mario heading to Manchester?


There’s only really been one Mario in the football news headlines in recent months, but according to reports there could be another one about to steal the Manchester limelight – but could he take the nickname ‘Super’ from Mr Balotelli?


It’s been suggested that United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is keen to land the services of Borussia Dortmund midfielder Mario Gotze, although his agent Dirk Hebel has been quick to claim that although he has been approached, the Red Devils may have a bit of a fight on their hands from elsewhere.


At just 19 years old, Gotze is the name on many people’s lips and the transfer rumours don’t seem to be going away any time soon. However, Hebel told Sky Sports that Juventus are also chasing the in-demand teenager’s signature and that it may not be easy trying to prise him away from the Bundesliga side.


“I can confirm that I have had contact with Juventus and Manchester United, but not only them,” he told Sky. “I don’t know if he’ll go away after this season, you should ask Borussia. But I think that they will not let him leave for less than 40 million euros.” Hebel concluded by saying that as it stands, young Mario is still “very happy at Dortmund” although he has been troubled by an injury recently.


Despite his tender years, Gotze has won 12 caps for Germany and could well be a major player in the team’s Euro 2012 campaign later this year. Of course, Manchester United will want to make sure they’re able to get some sort of agreement in place before the tournament ends, as it will prove to be the perfect stage for his abilities. Traditionally, a major tournament of this kind can drive up the prices of the most sought after players – and might even see Gotze poached by a club with more money to spend.


The attacking midfielder has shone at both club and country level, and even managed to pop a goal past Brazil last August during a friendly that saw Germany win 2-0. No doubt, whichever team he plays for next, much will be expected of Mario – but with the next transfer deadline some time away, we may have to wait a while before finding out which team that might be.


Leanne Miller is a professional writer from Manchester, UK specialising in entertainment and sport.

Xbox Live Down: Another Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360 outage

Xbox Live Down: Another Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox 360 outage
… suicide en masse for free loot. CLEVER GAMERS have found a cheat to milk Destiny's new update for all it's worth on PS4 and Xbox One by offing themselves. … Rockstar slashes the cost of GTA 5 as new cars, missions and w… PlayStation Xbox Sale …
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Another Bloodborne Glitch Can Give You Unlimited Blood Echoes

Another Bloodborne Glitch Can Give You Unlimited Blood Echoes
Even though patch 1.02 fixed the item duplication glitch in Bloodborne that allowed players to get huge amounts of Blood Echoes by doing basically nothing, it looks like someone has found a new glitch that can be exploited. In the above video, watch as …
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Another Exploit in The Witcher 3 Allows Players to Earn 100000 Crowns Within

The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3 cheats
Image by Etahos
• 2160p
• Tweaks
Jim2point0’s Cheat Table
K-putt’e Config 1.3

Another Exploit in The Witcher 3 Allows Players to Earn 100000 Crowns Within
Apparently, slaughtering cows isn't the only way you can earn bags of money in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. YouTube … Very similar but selling pearls to the loan shark and converting Florens at Vivaldi Bank makes this a HUGE MONEY MAKER exploit (cheat).
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He Cheated on You – Does He Deserve Another Chance?

Has your boyfriend cheated on you? Did you discover him cheating a while back and still don’t know what to do? Do you spend every day wondering if he’s cheating on you again? Are you struggling to decide if he deserves another chance? Unfortunately this heartbreaking situation is all too common. Fortunately, men who cheat tend to follow certain predictable behavior patterns. He cheated on you and this can’t be changed, but does he deserve another chance?

Why did he stray?

Cheaters tend to blame everybody else for their infidelity. You need to know that it is not your fault he cheated. With this in mind, why did he stray? Sometimes men get off on the idea that two women want them. He might be fantasizing about the two of you meeting and having a cat fight. He might be completely arrogant and think it’s his right to be with lots of women at once. Maybe your relationship has stagnated a bit, however if this is the case then both parties are to blame, not just you.

Whatever his reason is, try to discover it. If he cheated on you because he thinks he has the right to then you’ll need to question whether you want to be with this kind of man and whether you can cope with future heartbreak when he does it again. Can you turn a blind eye? Is he worth it? You must answer these questions yourself.

Serial Cheaters

It is a sad fact that most cheaters will cheat again, and again, and again. If he has such a basic lack of respect for you and the life that you have together that he continues to cheat after being caught, again you need to question whether you can live like this. If monogamy isn’t vitally important to you then perhaps you can continue the relationship, coming to an agreement about seeing other people. If not, there are plenty of monogamous men out there, move on.

If he cheated to get your attention and to ‘test’ whether or not you would care, then talk things through with him. Maybe you haven’t been giving the relationship as much of your time as you should have done, perhaps you’ve been busy at work or worried about family. In this case you would be wise to give him another chance.

He cheated. This cannot be changed. You need to re-evaluate your life with this man and decide on the best way forward. Also, look at yourself. Have previous partners cheated on you? Is the pattern here your own rather than his?

If you decide to give him another chance then you must work through the deception now and move on. You both know he cheated. Don’t bring it up time and time again, this will destroy any hope that the two of you may have a future life together. If you find yourself questioning his every move, checking his phone and going through his pockets while he’s in the shower, perhaps it would be better to end it and move on. At the end of the day you must have trust. Love cannot flourish without it.

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Will There Ever Be Another Iraq War?

Is there ever again going to be another force projection by the United States on the same level as the Iraq War? Iran and North Korea (axis of evil) are still “hostile” nations according to the government of the United States and although there has been a lot of saber rattling, the common belief is that the United States will not pursue “military diplomacy” (possibly because of Nuclear Weapons?!?). The main decider on this topic may be the eventual outcome of the Iraq War.

If American interests were to come to fruition in Iraq and the Iraqi government became a thriving democratic government, supported by a vibrant world class economy. Then the likelihood of another nation (not counting Iran and North Korea) rising to an equivalent stature (of military attention) as pre-war Iraq would be slim.

Should America “lose” the Iraq War, meaning that the United States withdraws all their troops from Iraqi soil without the confident establishment of a stable and friendly government, then the likelihood of another major military action by the United States would rise. Now that America has asserted their interests in the Middle East, they will need to follow through to success in order to deter future renegade regimes from antagonizing the United States and its allies.

There is also the military factor to assess. The military as it is now is trying to adjust to the new doctrines of severely limiting casualties, raising lethality, and creating more specialized units. While these doctrines have been extremely effective in making sure 99+% of our GI’s come home safe and (mostly) intact, they have also limited the scope of the United States military options at its current size. In other words, if the United States were to take on another action of equivalent size and complexity to that of the Iraq War, it would need to plan on increasing its numbers ahead of time to deal with the unforeseen troop strain before it becomes an issue (as it has now). All of this can be done, the question here is would the American public (ergo Congress) pay for this?

Although frustrating, at this time, the answer to the original question is another question: is America going to “win” the Iraq War? One thing is for certain. We still have yet to define victory in Iraq; the longer it takes us to “win” in Iraq the higher the likelihood that we will have to deal with a like circumstance in the future is.

Joshua is the prolific author of (137+) essays and articles adressing topics from the New Face of the Republican Party to the Iraq War. His personal experience in the Iraq War lends a refreshing taste of realism to many of his pieces. You can read more of his work at: http://www.ConservativeRebirth.blogspot.com

My Wife Cheated – Should I Give My Cheating Wife Another Chance?

Husbands tend to have a tougher time managing a wife who has cheated, than the opposite manner around. Perhaps it’s because of the standard knowledge that men cheat additional than ladies — knowledge that is untrue — or the cultural double commonplace that appears to forgive men who cheat, whereas not forgiving the women. No matter the reason, men have a tougher time with it than women do.

Of course, it’s this wisdom that creates men feel like less of a person when it happens to them. They feel like if their girl cheated on them, it must mean that they are somehow less of a man. This gets in the manner of healthy relationships, and can stop good couples from getting back together. Men, by nature, would love to provide their wives another probability, however they can’t determine a means to try and do thus that additionally feels good in their prideful ways.

If she wants a second probability, and you are willing to administer it, then you shouldn’t let alternative’s opinions get within the way. If you are faced with this example, here are four reasons you ought to take her back.

Initial, because you also need a second chance. Maybe you recognize some things that you would like you probably did differently, or that you just felt may have been better. Perhaps you were looking for a reason to bring it up, or work out a means to tell her. This can be your chance. This can be the reset button that you just were wanting for. Before you give up on the complete relationship, use this chance to make your relationship into the one that you would like it to be.

Second, you may still be deeply in love with her. And she or he could be deeply in love with you. There’s no sensible manner for you to prevent loving her. You’ll be willing to overlook this one downside, if it results in a lifetime of happiness. Finding someone that you’ll be proud of, for the remainder of your life, isn’t an simple task. There’s a smart probability she’s the one, and there is no reason to throw that away.

Third, as a result of being married means one thing to you. It means that working through rough patches like this, and figuring out how to maneuver forward. It suggests that that life is not continuously going to be sunshine and roses, eventually you’re going to own to work for the things you want, and one in all the things you would like is your wife.

Finally, she’s creating a trial to make it work. If she very wants to figure things out, she’ll meet you additional than halfway. There’s no reason to flip this aside, this opportunity solely comes once in an exceedingly lifetime. It’s very laborious to ignore this type of feeling and energy from her. It shows that she cares regarding you, your relationship, and your future together. If you’re willing to relinquish it another strive, then she is too. If you are up for it, you must follow it to wherever it leads.

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Not Just Another TV Show About Ghosts

Sure, everybody watched a TV show about ghosts every now and then. In fact, it seems obligatory for every TV network to come up with its own supernatural themed programs. And many of them have turned out quite alike that you can’t tell them apart aside from their titles.

So what does Ghost Whisperer offer that has not yet been done on other TV shows? Luckily, there is still many. And the best thing about the show is, rather than doing the usual scare tactics that many shows of this type usually employ. This makes the show more interesting and engaging.

Ghost Whisperer centers around the life of Melinda Gordon, played by the stunning Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has the ability to see spirits. She works as a paranormal investigator to help the ghosts that contact her complete their unfulfilled missions. Each episode has Melinda solve the mystery surrounding a ghost’s present and help her cross to the afterlife. Each season also features an overarching story about how Melinda deals with her powers while trying to live a normal life. She also meets other people who show differing views about her abilities, some supporting her, while others shun her.

What makes the series great is that, as said above, instead of focusing on the scary aspects of the genre, it goes for the mystery surrounding the characters. Thus, instead of holding your pillow for cover, you would actually be glued to your screen, trying to figure out the nature of the spirits. You will also definitely tune in as the series progresses and more of Melinda’s background is revealed.

Another interesting aspect of the show is its philosophical view. Instead of simply portraying ghosts as malevolent and evil beings, the show present the topic in an entirely different manner, that of lost souls in need of help. This deviates from the more stereotypical ones seen in most TV series. This also adds more depth to the show as it allows more character build up than what is usually seen. Also, instead of being to preachy about heaven and everything, the series’ view on the topic of heaven is more realistic and enlightening to viewers, which add to the show’s over-all message.

Hewitt also gives a top notch performance in her portrayal of the character of Melinda. She convincingly presents Melinda’s troubles and views about her abilities. She also definitely deserves a thumbs up in her good acting, which adds more to the appeal of the character.

And since this is a series about ghosts, there should be some. The series’ visual; and special effects are truly awesome, such that the scenes will definitely give you the scare of your life. This aspect definitely completes the series and make it more than worthwhile as a good evening watch.

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Ps3 Consoles – Another Amazing System From Sony!

I’ve been a fan of the Playstation series since the beginning, and I proudly own a PS1, PS2, PSP and now a PS3 Consoles. I’d have to say that this system is wonderful! I like everything about it. It’s sleek, runs quiet, and pumps out an amazing picture (I’m only using a 26″ LCD that supports 720p Picture resolution.) I’m a little disappointed that it won’t play PS2 games, but I still have that system laying around. No complaints so far!

My system gets moderate to heavy use. Mostly as a DVD/Blu Ray player, though I’ve been playing way more games on it now that I have more time. It’s still going strong. I recently upgraded from the stock 80gb hard drive to a 500gb one. The upgrade only took a bit of reading, and a couple hours of time (mostly for system back up and system restore… actual physical labor was about 5 minutes of work…) Over the past year, I’ve dabbled with the multimedia features as well as many of the fun miscellaneous things the PlayStation Network provides.

Over all, I consider this a must-have system for anyone who wants a complete media center. This will store/play all your music, play all your movies and even work as a PC if you install Linux (my next project, actually.) My only complaint about it is still the lack of PS2 support on this model. I’m hoping for Sony to get their act together and release software emulation via the PlayStation Store… I’d be willing to kick them some bucks for the convenience of playing my favorite PS2 games without having to dig up my old systems.

PS3 Consoles – Brief Review

The PS3 Consoles is a remarkable next-gen console.

Things that I enjoy about the PS3 Consoles is the capability of the system, the blu-ray player, and the controller.

The system has many features that resemeble the XBOX 360 like the media player. One thing that makes the PS3 Consoles far better than the 360 is the built in wi-fi.

Another great thing about the PS3 Consoles is the built in blu-ray player. It compares to high end stand alone blu-ray players at a more reasonable price.

The third thing that makes the playstation worth the money is the controller. Unlike the 360 remote, the PS3 Consoles remote is light and the buttons hit with smoothness and ease.

A few disappointments I found were in the backwards compatibility of a few models such as the 40gb version. Another thing that I would like to note is that the wi-fi is not as quick as the 360.

With that said I would recommend the PS3 Consoles to anybody looking to get into the next gen consoles or for someone looking for a standalone blu-ray player.

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