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Online Game Addiction In Kids

Game addiction is a common term used to refer anyone who is a bit fanatic about games. But you must know that being a game enthusiast doesn’t make you an ‘addict’. Addiction is a very sensitive term which has different meanings in different connotations. To define it simply you can say that addition is something that makes a person obsessed with any activity to such an extent that it starts affecting his normal life in a rather harmful manner.

Addiction is a serious issue for growing up children, especially for teenagers who are in their adolescence. It is an age when lot of changes occurs in every boy and girl. And these changes affect their life long character and personality. This is the reason why parents are more worried about the behavior disturbances in their growing up kids. At this age, kids are also vulnerable to several factors that influence their mind easily. They have a flexible psychological configuration that can be molded easily into any desired form. More than 60 percent of drug addiction cases are reported among teenagers. Even gaming addiction is a common feature seen among kids although it exists in varying degrees of intensity.

If you are doubtful about your kids being truly addicted to games, then you should take a strategic approach in studying their behavior. The first thing you should realize is that you cannot put an abrupt end to any sort of addiction. It takes certain time. The time taken to heal an addition normally depends on the pace at which the addition has developed in a child. So, it is a subjective issue, which only you or the addict can answer.

For a person to come out of any kind of addiction requires some kind of moral support. It would be best if the support comes from the family. However, there are many instances where lack of support from family has led to devastating addiction cases. When it comes to game addiction, supporting the addict is not as hard as supporting victims of other form of addictions involving drugs or smoking.

You have to take an interactive approach. You should try to cultivate newer interests and habits into the person. The best and the fastest way to distract a teenager is to let him or her have a bigger and better group of friends. It might take some time but getting involved with real world is quite important to escape from the virtual world of games. So start giving your teenager a bit more space to analyze better options in life. It is a beginning that will start the changes automatically.

If the signs of addiction are too intense or violent in nature, then you should undoubtedly seek counseling or professional help because in such cases, the treatment strategy varies from person to person.

The author is skeptical about the effect of many of these online bike games and action games on the minds of the children.

Addictions Help Articles – Video Game Addiction

The video game addiction is a psychological disorder characterized as an irresistible and obsessive desire to play video games. The addiction to video games result in the players behavior as being repetitive and compulsive, as in pathological gamblers or consumers of psychoactive substances.

Psychoanalysts call into question the notion of addiction applied to objects that are not drugs, such as video games, work or jogging, arguing that in this case, one could argue that all passion is pathological. Like drugs, one can speak of a real addiction and mental disorders found with similar loss of interest and loss of emotional, relational and intellectual. One can even see the physical effect as weight loss among players can be visible for those who spend all their time in front of the screen and forget to eat.

There is talk of addiction when the game becomes a persons main center of interest, and takes precedence at the expense of other activities (relational, professional, school, sport, leisure …) The concept of withdrawal into oneself is also almost always found. This addiction is of particular concern during adolescence, an important period when games and education do not mix.

The games most likely to result in such dependence are the role-play massively multiplayer online (MMORPG) in which the player evolves in a virtual universe, such as Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Everquest or Evercrack known by some, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars, Lineage 2, Travian, MMORPG, Metin2, Lord Of The Rings Online, Age of Conan Aion or Flyff.

All these games are popular network games. So they are played with other real players. The addictive nature stems from the knowledge that this gaming universe continues to evolve even when the player is not playing – which encourages a player to play a lot.

Not everyone is capable of becoming addicted to video games but some are more fragile than others. The adolescent who has difficulty in accessing the autonomy within the family does. By playing a lot, the adolescent will be exposed to some sort of distorted relationship with the real world. This can lead to anti-social behavior and possiblly more social problems in the future.

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