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Developers Final Fantasy XIV talked about quests and bosses

At a recent event PAX 2010 Explorer portal MMORPG.com Carolyn Koch met with representatives of Square Enix and talked with them about the newest MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and the products ffxiv gil. Developers of shared information about the game community, quests, bosses, mobs, and more.

Report on the meeting, Carolyn

Official meeting with Square Enix held at Benaroya Hall, capable of holding a huge crowd of fans. Visitors met the producer of the project Seyzh Sandy (Sage Sundi), then passed the baton to the community manager for North America, who commented to the congregation a long trailer for Final Fantasy XIV showing gameplay and story scenes (cut scenes) quests.

Line of quests in Final Fantasy XIV are characterized by interesting story scenes in which your character plays a major role. I must say that all the story scenes in Final Fantasy XIV sounded, and the battles and other actions are intertwined with each other, creating a feeling of presence. In other words, you do not just leans back in his chair and watch a short movie with his character, and taking direct part in it, destroying the mobs with the NPC, or protect them, for example. And by doing certain activities, scene continues.

We watched as our hero is met with the NPC, he fought with a variety of creatures that interact with the NPC, quests, and running away from the boss mob (by design). Singularity of the Final Fantasy series extended to part XIV – for example, during one of the quests we have witnessed a parade Moogle in the middle of the forest. Forgetting everything else, we stood and watched in amazement at how little a played music, throwing around pretty lanterns, but after a while they stopped and disappeared.

Unexpected outcome. During the second half of the meeting demonstrated the revolution of people (Human Revolution), but I managed to talk with Sandy and Seyzhem Yasu Kurosawa (Yasu Kurosawa), producer of North American Online and the senior manager of service and community. Both gentleman spoke about the formation of community in the Final Fantasy XIV.

Formation of a gaming community in the company of Square Enix engaged a team of managers whose primary responsibilities lie in the interaction with the largest fan sites. At Square Enix do not have their forums, and when I asked whether they communicate directly with players, their first question was: “In English or Japanese?”. It seems they fear that their developers will be wrong to speak in a tongue, or that the translation from Japanese to be performed incorrectly, so hired a team of community managers who, in collaboration with the owners of fan sites to gather feedback and suggestions and implement the information on the game.

Seyzh stressed that community managers are the “core strategy” of the company with respect to interaction with fan sites and fans, this is how developers get feedback and shape the gaming community. Largely due to the feedback design FFXIV became more solo-oriented.

According Yasu in FFXIV have so-called Leve Quests, giving the ability to quickly and effectively to earn XP, but, of course, their number per day is limited.

The latest trailer demonstrated GuildLeves – rectangles of stained glass depicting the noble deeds of one of the patron saints Eorzea. GuildLeves issued guilds as quest icons, which give their holders the opportunity to take any action necessary to carry out certain tasks, including passage of a normally closed areas, hunting and gathering resources on private land (ie, instances), the confiscation of goods, and even negotiate with the alleged enemies of the state. In addition, Guildleves can use special portals (aetheryte portals), tolerate a player anywhere in the region.

“The player chooses a difficulty level for a solo or group play” – added Seyzh.

I think that users will enjoy creating works of art of these wonderful gizmos.

With regard to work with the community, then Square Enix will continue to hold special festivals Fan Festivals; Seyzh again emphasized the fact that they would make maximum efforts to build a solid base of players Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix will open a special website, where users will upload screenshots of their characters, where the players will be able to tell his adventures to relevant blogs and so on.

“Despite the fact that Final Fantasy XIV is not the official forums, gamers will be able to blog about their adventures on the respective fan sites” – said Seyzh.

This is the newest community service from Square Enix. Since the launch of FFXIV all players will gain access to the portal players.finalfantasyxiv.com, where each of them will own page with a description of the character statistics and a blog to track the progress of other players and will automatically learn about the latest developments.

Both my companion admitted that North American players would like to communicate with the developers of games from Square Enix directly on the official forums, but the language barrier is indeed a serious obstacle to what I found on my own experience peresprashivaya buddy several times to “misquote” the facts . We talked about the quests and more simple, solo-oriented gameplay FFXIV, as well as special quests Leve Quests, allowing players to take all necessary steps to implement them, and subsequently awarded by their respective XP bonuses.

Misinterpretation of information leading to the recent hype about the fines XP. The fact is that, like many other online projects (such as World of Warcraft), players FFXIV, for some time did not go in the game, will get XP bonus at the next boot. However, among the community has spread a false rumor that the longer the players will not go into the game, the greater the penalty will be XP.

“Our key strategy is to communicating our community managers with a fan-site” – explained Seyzh. Since these sites will appear for official translations of information into different languages, misinterpretation should be avoided.

World FFXIV, which comes to life in late September, is different from other worlds, Final Fantasy, but at the same time subtly like them. Currently, the game is in open beta stage, so that visitors can see firsthand Catgirls, Moogles and Chocobos.

Art is a lie that tells the truth. sto credits

Facts About Dimensions – Profit Centers – Distribution Rules In Sap Business One

. We feed amounts (either Debit or Credit) to the Profit Centers through Distribution Rules only. The amounts can be feed through any account of any type (Assets, Liability, Expenditure, etc.). The Debit amounts are treated as Expenses and the Credit amounts are treated as Revenues, in Profit Center Report. In other reports/statements (Trial Balance, P/L Statement, etc.) the accounts will be selected as per the selected Distribution Rule and the reports/statements basic criteria.

2. Each Profit Center has at least one Distribution Rule, which is automatically created just after creation of the concerned Profit Center. This automatically created Distribution Rule is for 100% Direct Debit to its own Profit Center.

3. Direct Debit (opposite is Indirect Debit) nature of a Distribution Rule can be changed any time and the effect is only concerned with the Profit Center Report.

4. We can select only the Profit Centers (not the Distribution Rules) in the Profit Center Report selection criteria, although the report will show the breakups as per the Distribution Rules involved in the concerned Profit Center. On the other hand in other reports/statements (Trial Balance, P/L Statement, etc.) we can select only the Distribution Rules, i.e. totally opposite to Profit Center Report selection criteria.

5. We can link (in Chart of Accounts) the Distribution Rules with the Revenues and Expenditure Accounts type only.

6. The Distribution Rule assignment in the Journal Entries (automatic or manual) can be changed any time, and the concerned reports will be updated accordingly.

7. Dimensions are to separate/classify profit centers into different individual groups. A Profit Center Code is uniquely identified throughout all the Dimensions.

8. Multiple Profit Center selected from the different Dimensions in a report / statement (Trial Balance, P/L Statement, etc.) does not give any result in SAP B1 2007B PL7.

Comparison between Profit Center and Projects :

1. Profit Center can have more than one Distribution Rule, thats why the amounts are assigned (to the Profit Centers) only through any Distribution Rule of the concerned Profit Center. On other hand Project has only one distribution rule, thats why the amounts are directly assigned to the projects.

2. Profit Center has a special report named Profit Center Report besides the selection criteria of other reports / statements (Trial Balance, P/L Statement, etc.). Project has not any kind of special report, it is only available in the selection criteria of the reports / statements (Trial Balance, P/L Statement, etc.).

3. For Profit Center In Balance Sheet selection criteria it is not available. Projects also not available in Balance Sheet selection criteria.

4. In Profit Center We can link (in Chart of Accounts) the Distribution Rules with the Revenues and Expenditure type Account only. But We can link Projects with any type of Account.

5. We cannot directly link any Profit Center to any Accounts; we can link only through any Distribution Rules of the concerned Profit Center. But We can directly link the Projects to the Accounts.

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What Osha Requires You To Do About Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens are one of the most risky occupational hazards faced by healthcare employees. When employees come in contact with infected blood or any fluid, they can be struck by serious maladies like hepatitis B and HIV.

This hazard is not only faced by the healthcare employees but even by police, firefighters, laundry and sanitation workers as well. Even mortuary employees face the hazard risk and even workers trying to help an injured colleague can be exposed to this hazard.

OSHA has put forward some specific requirements to protect workers from bloodborne pathogen exposures. The standard 29 CFR 1910.1030 has been designed by OSHA to deal with this dangerous hazard. The following are the responsibilities imposed on employers whenever there is a risk of bloodborne pathogen exposure.

Develop an Exposure Control Program: Employers must create an ECP, where all possible situations at the workplace that could transfer pathogens must be put in detail. It must also describe how the risks will communicate to workers, methods of compliance to reduce the risk must be listed and a process to handle and investigate incidents and offer a means of record-keeping of both exposure incidents and employee training.

The plan must also be reviewed annually, incorporate latest technologies or enhanced methods to reduce the risk. If such measures are implemented, the risk can be dramatically cut down.

Offer the Means of Compliance: Employers must provide Personal Protection Equipment to their workers. The PPE must be appropriate with the kind of work the employees are handling, which includes disposable gloves, face masks and eye protection as the bloodborne pathogens are most likely to be transmitted through the eyes, skin, nose and mouth.

Employers must also install “engineering controls” right for the particular job site. These include antiseptic & hand washing towelette stations and leak proof, labeled, and puncture-resistant containers, which will hold contaminated items or particularly sharp items. Hepatitis B vaccine must also be provided to all workers exposed to this hazard.

Recordkeeping: OSHA also requires employers to keep a “sharps injury log” to note the type of device which causes the injury, in what job area it happened and an account of how it happened.

Training: A vital point that OSHA stresses on is employee”s training. The best possible means to spread the awareness of the risk of bloodborne pathogens is to educate them. The OSHA safety training is a compliance program that will not only educate and train workers on the risk of this hazard exposure but the steps to avoid it. As an employer it is your responsibility to make sure your employees receive the OSHA compliance training.

About the Author

OSHA Compliance Safety Training is a major provider of OSHA Safety Training Courses. Their safety training program is completely online. To know more visit: http://www.oshacompliancesafetytraining.com/

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