Star in the hood clothing is the new hot thing

The British rap artist who was born as Kwasi Danquah in Ghana has shot to fame in the United Kingdom in the last couple of years under his hip-hop moniker, Tinchy Stryder. In the past 3 years Stryder has released three major studio albums, Star in the Hood in 2007, Catch 22 in 2009 and Third Strike this year. He has had ever increasing success with his albums and music and they have spawned a number of hit singles such as “Take Me Back”, “Number 1” and “Never Leave You”.

He has also expanded his businesses in true hip-hop style and earlier this year signed a deal with American rapper and record label owner Jay-Z to sign new acts to their joint label. Along the way one of the 22 year old Tinchy’s most successful endeavours has been a clothing line that has been named after his debut album from 2007. Star in the hood clothing is the new must have item for young adults everywhere in the United Kingdom. Of course it has not hurt the visibility of the brand that Stryder himself wears his own label’s t-shirts and hoodies in television appearances and in his music videos for his hit singles.

Tinchy, who many critics acknowledge is one of Britain’s most promising up and coming new artist is also promoting his brand heavily and has been making new agreements and tie ups with major clothing and retail giants to stock the line that has been flying off the shelves as fast as it can be restocked. His clothing line is not just t-shirts and hoodies as you would expect either. The label is a fully featured line of well thought out and balanced clothing for young MCs of either sex in all sizes. The bright, funky styles and huge Star in the Hood emblazonments are perfectly suited to the kind of young hip wearers that the line is targeted at. For women, the line features a collection of vests and skinny tees in the same distinctive styles as the men’s range. Even though almost every week, new retailers are signing up to stock the hot selling range of clothing, the sweatshirts, jogging and track suits and accessories like caps have always been hard to find because of the demand for them. But now they are more easily available through online retailers.

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