Signs of a Cheating Wife You Can’t Ignore

There are certain signs of a cheating wife you can’t ignore when you see them in your marriage. It is up to you, at certain points in your marriage, to rein things back under control and really dedicate yourself to making your marriage work.

Keep in mind that cheating isn’t always about a physical act. Emotional cheating can be even more devastating to a marriage. These signs will cover both physical and emotional signs of a cheating wife you need to be on the lookout for in your own marriage.

1) Sudden silences. You know better than anyone that your wife isn’t prone to long periods of silence. She talks about everything with you. At least, she used to. You haven’t fought and there’s no reason you can think of for her to be angry with you but she still isn’t talking. If your wife suddenly stops talking to you then it’s probably a matter of her wanting to avoid saying something that’s weighing heavily on her mind, heart, or conscience. Regardless of your confidence in your marriage and her fidelity it’s a good idea to get to the bottom of her sudden quiet sooner rather than later.

2) Changes in clothing, perfume, and bathing rituals. People are creatures of habit. That is why it’s so easy for people to fall into a rut. If your wife changes one or two of these things it could be nothing. If she changes all three of them at or around the same time then it’s a recipe for disaster for your marriage unless swift action is taken. Clothing and perfume could mean that she’s dressing to impress someone else. Changes in bathing rituals are often indicators that she’s trying to remove any lingering evidence of her affair that may be left over.

3) Profound distance between the two of you. If your wife is suddenly a thousand miles away whenever you’re together then there are problems whether they involve another man or not. Quite often these distances are the result of another man. Her mind is on him, her predicament, where she wants to go from here, and even how much she doesn’t want to hurt you. Affairs for most women are a very complex ordeal and she has a lot of things to weigh and decisions she knows she must make.

Knowing there’s a problem is not the same as knowing how to solve it though. Swift action can make all the difference in the world and may actually save your marriage if you notice these signs of a cheating wife quickly enough.


Even if you miss the signs completely and lose your wife as a result there is no reason you can’t get your ex back. In fact, it’s very doable if you have the right plan in play.


Follow these step by step instructions: on what you need to do to get your wife back even if she cheated on you.