Signs of a Cheater – What Will Give Away a Cheating Boyfriend?

From my own experience there are a lot of different signs of a cheater.

There are quite obvious ones such as lack of interest in you, but then there also is the more subtle side of the spectrum where his direct actions have not changed much, but there still is this odd feeling you have deep inside. Along with several subtle hints such as new phone numbers showing up and strange calls coming in, new friends that you weren’t introduced to and other signs of a cheater, this can forge a paranoia-like suspicion.

Once you caught on the feeling that something is not right, there is a difficult path before you to get real confirmation. You should carefully observe your partner’s behavior – there are several hints that give away a cheater.

Suddenly, he starts coming home later than he usually used to. He might explain that his working schedule has changed and that he has to do a lot of overtime or that he grabs a drink with his friends after work. Sometimes this can be true, sometimes it might not be the case.

You might be getting phone calls from women who claim to be working with your boyfriend and have to discuss something important with him, but as soon as he comes to the phone, he either whispers, leaves the room, or tells the person that he can’t talk right now and will call later.

Some other signs of a cheater are: 

All of a sudden he starts exercising a lot and his grooming habits change.
He comes home later than usual and although you try to be romantic, he rejects you with a lame excuse such as having a headache or not being in the right mood.
He starts bringing you gifts and flowers and acts strangely nice – or quite the opposite – he doesn’t bring you any gifts anymore and acts mean.
He frequently is talking to another girl but avoids her topic when talking to you.
He spends less and less time with you and doesn’t tell you why he can’t spend more time with you.
He starts fights for no reason or quite the opposite – he seems no longer to get upset at fights with you.
He doesn’t return your phone calls or takes those phone calls outside.
General lack of sexual interest.
He forgets meetings and has really strange or unbelievable excuses. He cannot tell you where he has been.
He sometimes doesn’t answer his cell phone in front of you.

These signs of a cheater obviously are not bullet proof. Rather use these observations as clues for detecting differences in your boyfriend’s usual behavior. Before you go accusing your partner of cheating make sure you have real evidence and not just a intuitive gut feeling. 

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