• wittle mudkipz

    looks fun

  • gustavo michael

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    lots and lots of zombies and hope you do too! Check us out!

  • DeathMagican123

    WTF, Why can’t there be anything posted on youtube that is for Playstation3
    . Thmbs up if you agree

  • startrekwarsmixguy

    @AYoshiTale i don’t mind small maps with open areas, but i hate large maps
    with compact areas, you just feel more overwhelmed, thats why i liked Kino
    Der Toten, good mix of open areas and a few narrow corridors, even though
    the map was a little simple, and fairly small. (not as big as ascension

  • Toby Jones

    @helicopter360 yes you’re right the zombies arn’t nazis, and i didnt look
    at shangr la, my friend is a communist and loves history he’s the one who
    told me they went there

  • CurtisTudor

    Were ment to be helping africa not killing them!

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    check my channel out for my solo records 😀

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    @stijnTop haha alright, of course, i forgot, havnt really played zombies
    for ages

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    @dj4603 lol

  • teamhell1

    @Z88Ennen You first (:

  • Jacob Ledbetter

    @dancerboy66 no, it actually exists. it has a really long and complicated
    name though, its not called the baby gun.

  • weeken11

    how many likes did i get

  • startrekwarsmixguy

    @MathewMozaffari Well i do like ascension, but it can be a bit overwhelming
    to start with, whereas kino is better when you play with randoms, because
    it’s an easier map.

  • Tom Britton

    @poppo879 PASS THIS AROUND! Shut the fuck up. Treyarch is trying. Started
    by:The viewers

  • teamhell1

    @Z88Ennen This will go on for a long ass time than XD

  • Mathew Mozaffari

    @startrekwarsmixguy @AYoshiTale Ascension was the BEST map!! I loved the
    theme and how big it was. I seem to like large maps when i first played it
    i get lost easily but its all worth. Large maps show that treyarch made
    more ideas and large maps are so much funner (more exploration)

  • Breinshijt Moeta

    @weeken11 it’s was a stake out

  • TheNalex98

    Add me nalex98 forr any zombie map gamee! xD

  • weeken11

    wtf 1:59 demshe fires an olimpia 3 times withought load wtf

  • LilAznOrginization

    nazi zombies are for WW2 aka world at war then i guess Black ops Zombies
    are Like all around cuz ascension wuz like space or astronaunt kinda call
    of dead wuz a movie set and this is like a zombie version of indiana jones
    lolz cuz of that temple but it also looks like a Mayan Temple too but owell
    i like playing zombies

  • George Tinsley

    @Rangestrik and it was, its awefull. Everyone gave feedback to tryarch and
    said they wanted bigger maps so what did they do, the same thing as always,
    completely ignore everyone.

  • weeken11

    @atitsp5003 kk wat ur name im mini_boyd

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  • Cassidy Knapp

    how do you get to the upgrading weapons thing on this map?