Return to Castle Wolfenstein: map 5 – Catacombs

Part of a series of videos that show the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Each map is featured by a video, and the map transitions are consistant, meaning …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Alejandro Criado

    i have past return to castle wolfenstein (easy)

  • RJ Pony

    i used to play this with my older brother when i was little :O I just
    watched him play, and i had nightmares 😀 Love u big bro xD ps: i was 7
    like most of u xD

  • ScottyWired

    I’m not the only one who played it at such a young and age and got scared
    on this level.

  • Valeria Di Battista

    me too ahahahahaha

  • Napoléon Bonaparte

    @JamesHeadbangerfield play enemy terriorty, the multiplayer, its awesome

  • SnitchesonHitlist

    @JamesHeadbangerfield LMAO! In 2001 it wasn’t even scary as shit. It’s just
    YOUR opinon that it was.

  • tzucu2001

    were is the secret place????

  • Joonas Kriisk

    He treats those guys as garbage o.O And yet when I see them, I run into the
    entrance and let them taste my grenade. But then I won’t move anymore -.-

  • PS3shooterChamp

    Lol, i remember playing this with my dad when I was 8, we were trying to
    beat it on the hardest difficultly. I remember finishing the level and when
    that music came on i’d be like YES! : ) i’d love to play it again i think i
    might go pick it up when i go and pre order Call of Duty Black Ops : O

  • stopthrm

    HAHAHA! I love the dynomite idea… but I would save it for the end boss of
    the act…

  • super2soyer

    They have this level avaliable in the demo. Killing those ghouls is really
    difficult and they cause alot of damage. I think this is a really difficult
    game best for experinced gamers.

  • Mantas Vaitkus

    This map scared the shit out of me a few times 😀

  • roman0811

    @MoonchildMindaugas2 It’s Nazi’s who’ve killed alot of people, 4 of them
    won’t harm.

  • RadekCrazy1

    I remember me as achild playing rtcw. I was about 8 years old and from the
    beginning the game looks awesome so I thought it would be some kind of game
    like Medal of honor, than this level came and I shat myself in here. My
    father had to play it through coz I was too scared to play that.

  • MoonchildMindaugas2

    @roman0811 True. It was a very relative sorry from me 😉

  • Napoléon Bonaparte

    @SnitchesonHitlist lol Half Life 2 isn’t scary, I love half life 2, I have
    poster of it in my room but I never was scared of HL2 ever. playing gmod
    with zombies is fun xD

  • Mdude667

    Did everyone here watch their dad play this level when they were 8 and got

  • PS3shooterChamp

    Lol, i remember playing this when i was eight, My dad and I were trying to
    beat it on the hardest difficultly.. : ) I’d love to get this game again
    and play it. One of my favourite games. I think i might go pick it up when
    I go to pre order Call of Duty Black Ops.. : o

  • sina841922817028990

    One of the Best games ever

  • Bravo Delta

    @NeonLugia try playing left for dead at midnight.

  • dapoculos13 .

    @MilwaukeeFtw not really because they should be smart enough to not even
    got down there in the first place..or just bring some of the elite guard or
    a whole army of guards….

  • MilwaukeeFtw

    The wolfenstein game that came out in 09 was good, but it felt like indiana
    jones meets cod 😐 This game is legendary.

  • andrewvanrhoberts

    this game looks awesome

  • Gunner193

    Still far better than Delta “robot anims” Force.

  • Zehoan

    I am scared of this level but I play it in Split screen mode.