Relationships and Cheating – How to Get Over It

Relationships and cheating go hand in hand. You know someone who has been cheated on, did someone cheat on you or was it you who cheated on your relationship?

Both the cheated and the cheater suffer pain from its effects. Whilst it is evident that the cheated suffers, the person actually cheating also suffers. He has to lie to keep what he is doing a secret and fell guilty about what he is hiding and doing. The guilt may be a real guilt or a secret guilt. And just because there was cheating in the relationship, it does not necessarily spark off its end.

Can you really make it work after you have been cheated on and you either never separated or managed to get back together again? What can you do to get over it and is he going to start doing it again? After there has been cheating, a relationship is going to be difficult to save and often cheating is a repetitive affair. Some couples, however, do manage to rebuild trust in their partner and stay to live happily together.

You must find out why your partner cheated on you to be able to know how far you can trust them in the future. Perhaps there were troubles in your relationship or did it happen because the situation just presented itself. Talk over the reasons calmly with your partner.

If it was out of boredom the time it happened when the occasion just presented itself, you probably have a serious problem. If the excuse for cheating on you is no better than that, you may find it difficult to forget the pain the cheating caused you and feel able to continue the relationship.

Where you were already having relationship problems your partner may have thought that the relationship was all but over anyway. If you were having problems, then your partner may have thought that the relationship was going to end anyway or they did not think about it or considered it did not matter. In any case their cheating was wrong, but at least you can understand the problem and you may be able to talk matters over between yourselves.

Concerning relationships and cheating, they are an odd cocktail and some couples manage to get on perfectly well afterwards. Often though, the person who has suffered the cheating cannot accept what has happened. They find it impossible to stay in a relationship where they can no longer trust their partner or expect the cheating will be repeated.

They are constantly suspicious and miserable as a result, and the other party may not appreciate being the butt of this suspicion. . If this has happened to you, you have to accept to trust your partner not to repeat the affair and hurt you again, however difficult this may be.

It is rarely easy when there has been cheating in a relationship.

I advise you both to read “The Magic of Making Up”, written by T ‘Dub’ Jackson. He has helped many people, in a similar situation to yours all over the world, to resolve their relationship problems successfully.
Joe Bisley
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