• nikodem2701

    5 random blocks too but watch a video first

  • nikodem2701

    Make a gun with 4 RS torches … Redstone a dispenser on arrows or fire charges or snowballs

  • zenzangzong

    150 repeaters on full delay (4 ticks) = 1 minute, also do you mind if I steal this idea?

  • tulnukas2000

    description isnt there?it says nothing

  • MamaMidnight98

    I actually like the lightnin’. :3 Makes it more epic! 😀

  • Will64XD

    @Whitbelt2 “Thank you for watching and being beautiful.”

  • Whitbelt2

    Like pewdiepie he says bro fist not saying you have too just telling you

  • Whitbelt2

    You should have a saying at end of every video

  • xXDoggyGuy457Xx

    Faithful venom I see I use the same 🙂

  • Nico Franco


  • blah ha


  • Jessica Jacobi

    there isn’t any repeaters pointing into another so this will work fine

  • Tails1221

    Lol this is awesome.. But when the 1.4 update comes out this doesnt work I think because of the repeater locks.

  • Nick Janis

    Hey Will

  • WishFish Productions

    Good video

  • WishFish Productions