Psychic Connections – The Minds Eye & How to See Ghosts

Throughout several years of being in a privileged position of being granted access to some of the United Kingdoms most haunted places, conducting investigations and aiding private individuals with answers to their spiritual questions around hauntings and recently departed friends and relatives, one of the most common issues asked of me is how do you see a ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’. Do they appear to you? as in the movies? faint glows with effects? Do they interact with you, or indeed can you feel, touch them?

From my experience, it would seem that everyone whom can communicate with spirits conducts this process differently. It is worth bearing in mind even though that I would not consider myself to be a ‘born psychic’, but moreover, I have amassed experience from a number of mentors along the journey and have come to understand my own awareness and personal understanding of spirits which reside on a different plane to our mortal residence.

So how do I sense presences? In my case, the minds eye plays a pivotal role in recognising and communicating with the spirit world. By that I mean the momentary voices and pictures which on occasions form in your mind without you intentionally thinking about anything. Now you may feel that this is just your imagination, and for the most part, you would be correct because this is exactly what it is. The ‘gift’ in my case anyway is separating the ‘noise’ which is genuinely your imagination, from what is not present in your mind – this is the ability to fine tune these noises away and be left with what is, in fact a connection to the spirit world.

For those of you wanting to ‘learn’ to communicate with spirits I am afraid this is something that comes with several years of practice and experimentation and cannot effortlessly be taught from any book. That said, there are some truly ‘gifted’ individuals whom for whatever reason were born with the ability straight out of the cradle. However, for most of us, it is not, but fortunately can be achieved through experience in understanding your minds eye, and what it shows and tells you.

The ‘connection’ to the spirit world in my case is made in a manner as described above, and once I have identified a presence I on occasions see the subject. The ‘seeing’ of the subject is not literal, it is bought to me through my minds eye but in most cases is very intense and is from time to time hard to distinguish between reality and your minds eye projection. It is impossible to physically ‘feel’ the spirit, although you sometimes think you could reach out and touch them but from my experiences and on occasions you can be subjected to contact typically on the arms, hair and back.

The minds eye is without question a very powerful and as yet not understood any in comprehensible way, although given neural experts consider we only utilize a very small proportion of our brain capacity perhaps at some point in the future we may be able to better understand the Psychic connections and the impact of this on the minds eye.

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