PS3 Problems – Red Light Blinking and Other Common Playstation 3 Problems

There are many common PS3 Problems–red light, yellow light, and green flashing lights all trouble Playstation 3 owners everyday. The interesting thing to know is that there are ways to fix these problems and not all ways cost much money, even though that’s what people will tell you.

So let’s get started here by first talking about the problems then discussing how you can get them fixed.

First of the Major PS3 Problems – Red Light

The first major problem that Playstation 3 systems get is the flashing red light error. This problem symbolizes a general hardware failure which means that the internal components of the system are failing.

Second of the Major PS3 Problems – Yellow Light

The yellow light on the Playstation 3 is probably the hardest malfunction to get rid of. This means that your console is overheating and can even end up severely damaging your system if you don’t get it fixed fast.

Final of the Major PS3 Problems – Green Light

The green light usually means that you are having trouble with your graphics card and it will either need to be replaced or promptly fixed.

So now that you know the common issues that face the system lets talk about how to fix PS3 Problems: red light, yellow light, and green light.

Most people will tell you to send your Playstation system off to Sony and let them repair it. All these malfunctions are covered under warranty, but anything outside of the warranty is going to be costly to repair. Some people would say to pay it anyway, but I think there’s a better idea and I’m going to tell you.

What you should do is try some simple tips like unplugging the console for 10 minutes and holding the power button down and letting it soft reset.

If that doesn’t work, then you should take the hard drive out for a little while and then re-insert it and try it again.

If those tips don’t work then I want to tell you that it’s possible to fix your Playstation 3 problems yourself by taking the console apart and fixing the internal units that are causing the blinking lights.

You can do this without help, but I wouldn’t advise it since you could severely damage your hardware and your system. The good news is that you can find repair guides online that help you do this and make sure you repair it correctly.  Check out the best PS3 Repair Guide on the net here.

Fix your Playstation 3 Problems/Errors Yourself with this Guide