Ps3 Consoles – Slim Is In

After about 3 years of being on the market, sony has finally made the right move, the necessary move and lowered the price of an already great console to compete in the console “wars”. This is definitely a great system to own, if you do not already own a PS3 Consoles of course. Not only is it a great next gen revolutionized gaming device, it is also a Blu-Ray Player to boot. So, for 299.99, you get a game player and if that’s not your thing you get a Blu-Ray player than can go live and always get the latest firmware for future Blu-Ray Releases.

Pros: Slimmer, Lighter, all the stuff they mentioned. It is quieter, uses less energy and places well in your already prevelant entertainment system area. Its sleek design makes it fit in well aesthetically and just adds to the overall experience.

Cons: Still not backwards compatible, still just 2 usb ports and now you have to buy a stand in order to stand the unit up vertically.

Overall: A great product with a new low price and sleek design that is well worth its wait in gold.

Misc: Sony has a propensity to release consoles and then couples years later release the slimmer, thinner version. For example, the PSP then later the PSP slim, The PS2, the PS3 Consoles Slim, the PS3 Consoles and now the PS3 Consoles slim. Makes me wonder, why don’t they just release these items as slims already. I guess that would make too much sense.

PS3 Consoles – Big Improvement

Just wanted to write a short review to answer a couple questions I had which I could not find in many other reviews. I have a launch PS3 Consoles. In comparison the slim is much quieter. I had to buy a standalone blu-ray player as the noise from my original PS3 Consoles was so loud I could not hear dialog during quieter passages. There is no such issue with the slim. The slim fan does not seem to kick into a second or third gear. Also, I was interested in the wireless strength. In a certain location in my house the launch PS3 Consoles  would get 30% signal strength at best. My slim gets 45% in those locations and has not dropped a connection yet. Additionally, Sony allows me to download to my slim for free the PSN games I had purchased for my launch system. Overall, I am very happy with this unit.

PS3 Consoles – Nice Buttons, but a bit noisy for the bedroom

I ordered this new PS3 Consoles Slim primarily as a bluray player for my bedroom. I liked it overall, especially the new actual push buttons (I never liked the touch buttons on the previous version because I don’t like having to wait, even for two seconds). I like the matte finish, though others I’ve talked too preferred the glossy look of the previous version.

One caveat to it though: Since my tv stand is higher in my bedroom than in the living room, and I’m closer to the TV, the noise generated by the PS3 Consoles slim actually seems louder than the PS3 Consoles “fat” downstairs. A regular bluray player may have been a better choice in terms of noise levels, but then of course you can’t play PS3 Consoles games on a regular bluray player.

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