Ps3 Console – Simply Awesome!

Just got the new PS3 Console slim today and it far exceeded my already high expectations. The video and sound quality for both games and blu-ray is truly “mind bottling.” Highlights include:

-built in wifi
-free access to Playstation Network
-beautiful video and sound quality
-superb controller
-DVD upconvert really improves the look of your movies
-excellent exclusive and multiplat. games
-a truly amazing bargain

The only drawback is the lack of HDMI or component cables, but of course you can get these for pennies through Amazon. Some complain of the lack of Netflix streaming, but in my opinion once you’ve tried blu-ray it’s hard to go back to those grainy streaming formats! Also, I think the new design is quite nice: minimalist with an appealing texture contrast.

Basically, for $ 300 you will instantly transform your tv into a high end multimedia home theater. Go buy one now!

*-one more note: I was initially worried that my 720p tv wouldn’t demonstrate the full capabilities of the PS3 Console. Needless to say, my worries wore gone the moment I fired up the unit!

PS3 Console 80GB Difference

Changes I have noted between the Slim and a PS3 Console 80GB (purchased in 2009):

* Case:
– Slim does not have side vents so less worry about blocking sides (80GB has vents on right side)
– prefer the slims tactile/pressable power on/off and disc eject buttons which also have backlighting and look nicer then the 80GB
– smaller then I anticipated which is very nice
– prefer the textured top of the case to the shiny on the 80GB
– sound is quieter then the 80GB, 80GB sounds like a desktop computer, Slim sounds more like a portable computer
– Slim does not have the “new computer” smell that the 80GB did, the 80GB just wreaked and had to have the window in the room it was in open for a week or so
– 2 pronged power cord on Slim instead of 3 on 80GB

* Energy Usage (all numbers in watts)
– Plugged in but not turned on: Slim 1 – 80GB 0 when switch on back is off, 1 otherwise
– PSOne main screen: Slim 84 – 80GB 114
– Blu-Ray: Slim 88 – 80GB 120

More Detail…

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