Planetside 2 Coming to PS4

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  • Euan McKenna

    An example on full retard right here.

  • ArkticSparc

    Someones jealous. Obviously you give a shit, I’m not a super nerd either, you fucking moron. A super nerd would be Hawkins or Einstein.

  • ains green

    They might be allowing character importing between console and PC.

  • workthis

    0/10 not even rustled

  • jonesjeremiah

    Im a PC-Gamer and alrdy BR90 so im not playing it on the PS4. But you are wrong. Its confirmed, the PS4-Version will be exact the same. Highby confirmed it on a “Gametrailers” interview. They are optimizing the game for multicore and its fine. I mean why the hell not? Its way easier to optimize a game for a console than for the PC. Its not like the PS4-Hardware is crap or something. This is next gen!

  • lonewolf972

    You can build a PC at 600-700$ that will run games like the PS4. Also, most of the games at e3 are played on a PC

  • lumach68i

    are you talking to me or JordanLDGamerZ?

  • Joshua Roura

    Tittle: Planetside 2 Coming to PS4.
    Where do you think it’s coming from, Atari?

  • lumach68i

    its not on pc

  • Joshua Roura

    For multiplayer yes, but not for the free to play titles. With Warframe, it’s not confirmed yet.

  • JollyManProductions

    bad news: PS plus required for multiplayer 🙁

  • crazymonk3y1298

    should i be happy is this a good game should xbox be sad they dont have this please tell me

  • SinPunisher

    camera is not included with the PS4, also you’re comparing a bulldozer CPU to a jaguar CPU (PS4 CPU) which is leaps and bounds over it, 2nd gen intel core i3s can beat it.

  • ShawShank503

    No…. PlanetSide 2 is FREE TO PLAY.
    F2P games don’t require PS+ shit…. The online will be FREE for PS2.

  • OneTwoMark

    Funny how thats the only point you could make. So stop comparing PC’s you fucking super nerd, no one gives a shit.

  • eman debattista

    for free to plays the online is free as well

  • alipouya

    man processor cores dont matter. the best gaming processor in the world thats for gaming is only 6

  • Bb0oYaAhH

    I agree you did not say that we wouldn’t be able to the game. But games on consoles tend to get so optimized, they can run games when a PC with similar specs will fry when it tries to run the same game with the same graphics. Also, PS2 sucks at fully utilizing the multiple cores of a CPU (that is why there is so much CPU bottlenecking), which is what the PS4 have, so SOE is optimizing the game to fully utilize the PS4 hardware, and the PS4 already exceed the recommended system specs.

  • DesireEquinox

    cause this game has to be hard af to run on even a high end computer dude.

  • Tocorific1

    Yeah i see were your coming from but there also been a lot of next gen PC’s too. The analogy was for last gen Consoles and PC’s. Now this is going to be new gen consoles and PC’s you all will have a lot more ability to play with more people. I don’t believe it will be the same amount of people as on PC

  • Tocorific1

    I understand that but we have to wait and find out

  • AGardinerH14

    PC FTW

  • mocoheavy

    ps4 will have an 8-core processor so why not?

  • Aditi Mohindra

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