Opera Glasses and the Phantom of the Opera – A Review

The story of the Phantom of the Opera begins in Paris sometime in the 1800’s when two men take ownership of an old theater house believed to be haunted by a ghost. The ghost is said to be the spirit of a construction worker of the theater named Erik, who haunts the theater. The truth of the matter is that Erik is very much alive, although severely disfigured from birth. To cover his disfigured face, he wears the mask which has become the symbol of this wonderful performance.

As time passes, Erik tells the one of the performers, Christine, that her dead father who is has sent him to train her with voice lessons. The voice lessons take place in Christine’s dressing room. This may sound fairly normal, but Erik is on the other side of the wall training her as he told Christine he is a spirit. As Erik trains Christine she becomes a phenomenal singer. Christine takes the leading role in a performance.

As Christine is performing one night on stage, Christine faints, and a man in the audience comes to save her. This man Raoul, we find out is a childhood friend of Christine, and begins to fall in love with her. Raoul begins to attend her performances, gifting her with flowers, and visiting with her often.

As Christine and Raoul start to fall even more in love, the Phantom; Erik watches and hears all that is happening, finally he decides to meet with Christine face to face. When he shows his face in her dressing room for the first time, he wears the mask that has made this play famous. He then abducts Christine, and takes her through winding tunnels down to his home in the secret catacombs of the opera house.

Christine finds out that The Phantom does not plan to release her. At this point she becomes very fearful and also very angry. Erik then makes a promise to her that she will be let go after staying for five more days. At this point he takes Christine on a tour of his underground home, which features many strange things. Be sure to be using your opera glasses at this point of the performance, for this part can truly not be forgotten.

During a powerful duet in the performance with Christine and Erik, Christine wonders who this phantom really is, and why he wears this mask over half of his face. Remember to use your opera glasses at this point, as Christine grabs his mask by surprise and takes it off. Erik, now upset, and feeling betrayed, decides that he will not release Christine, and that she will remain there with him always. You will feel at this point, the love that the Phantom has for Christine, and the deep desire he has to feel that love in return.

We will not reveal the ending of this wonderful performance; suffice it to say it is an epic one. You will never forget the impressions that this musical leaves on your heart. The costumes, music and storyline will truly astound you. This is a performance that demands to be seen again and again to full appreciate, for this reason it has remained on Broadway so long! As we always recommend bring your opera glasses to appreciate this wonder to the fullest.

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