• Sparti2000

    i may sound like a REAL noob, but i would like to know how to duplicate
    it???… I always have played the game legibly…but i guess I could use a
    glitch for once.

  • letters99999

    Dementia ftw!!!!!

  • MyRetardProductions

    your retarded amber is dried tree sap

  • Josan Crewbar

    I love the Amber amor… it took me ages to get the full set =D

  • Shonic360

    do u have to choose which armor u could get? or could u get both?

  • Songsmirth

    Thanks for not going so fast that I can’t pause and read. I don’t know why
    people do that if they are trying to help out. What is the desiccation ring
    for? Do you only get it in the Shivering Isles? Can it be used in the
    regular game? If you had just a few things you’d bring back, what would
    they be? Anyone question would be fine. I just can’t help but ask! lol Can
    you buy a house in SI’s? 🙂 Songs

  • truebighead7

    @Kall958 i got both i have 100 light armour and 77 heavy armour

  • Slade Wilson

    what level do you get fine armor and not lesser

  • Bayezid

    This armor is more powerful than Deadric armor

  • Semicross

    In caves or on Gnarlk or whatever they’re called

  • sonicunseathed

    Wtf, mine is called perfect madness….I thought you said you’ve played
    this for 2 years? Ive played for 1 and I got to 32….

  • DESTROYER68483

    where do u get the madness ore/amber matrix, i know both r in either
    realms, but where r they located

  • cmldurant35

    Im lvl5 on shivering isles i killed the gatekeeper at lvl 4 than turned to
    lvl 5 its not hard at all difficulty level is all the way up.

  • cruddddddddddddddd

    i love skyrim, but i agree that oblivion feels much more original… the
    shivering isles part alone makes oblivion equally as good as skyrim, even
    without the flashy graphics

  • JamaicanMan18

    @majer75 its funny ive played oblivion since it came out, including
    shivering isles, and i never even attempted to try amber armor until today,
    i think its the coolest looking armor in the game

  • CoffeeMug444

    where do you get matrix?!?

  • bobombthekoopa

    @jessebrown1996 i saw that but i thought u meant u had to be a level to use
    something,like in borderlands or many other rpgs.i didnt think u meant u
    had to be a level for it to show up.

  • 00Gr1mm00

    @isaacimo23 Depends on your skills.Amber is light armor and madness is heavy

  • Rajin90

    Do the swords have sheaths?

  • jessebrown1996

    @LadderMatch323 high level very fine is like level 15.

  • SilverNuke101

    i like madness better than amber

  • majer75

    @isaacimo23 i think there the same

  • TheMilkManiac

    @isaacimo23 it depends on what skill you’re best at heavy or light armor

  • stealthxasx

    @sj176 Im australian fag

  • Venomtaker28

    fuck this fool is very deadly with the damn hammer