• Garrick May

    only thing good about this was children of bodom.

  • hardcorenoob5

    @cmsmiley13 I meant so you can push down the buttons with elastics and go
    afk to train up certain skils

  • cmsmiley13

    @hardcorenoob5 ?

  • mumbojumbojj

    or a rubber band…. and the fin glean

  • hardcorenoob5

    buy xbox so u can use elastics ;P

  • IxFlashPointxI

    whats the name of the song at the begginning and end

  • rebal0devil

    well you can just repair normal items until journeyman level, then move on
    to enchanted items.

  • dragonmaster15025

    tape comes in handy always thats why they made it lol

  • jarodinomicon

    After your armorer hits 75 you can switch to a faster method: Make one
    spell that summons all 11 bound items for a few seconds and repair them to
    125% over and over. You’ll max out in no time.

  • shfsfgsfgdf

    lol you forgot one thing about armour you have to have journeyman level to
    repair enchanted stuff XD

  • rebal0devil

    @boredguy545 a mix of glass and ember.

  • metrofusion9

    yo i love how u name crap after runescape im all the way with u brothea 4
    years of playing that game its crappy now so is WoW but im all the way with
    u man

  • Darkday90

    You must play rs

  • levi rasmussen

    oh btw u dont need to beat mages guild to make a spell theres a building
    with that thing in it right in the arcane university and a enchantment
    alter in another building near that

  • Kottonism

    theres and amulet in the Shivering isles that disintegrates your armor, and
    its the armorer skill not armor

  • Naturalyborntoki11

    i have full madness armor i love it 🙂 and i love the song too one of my

  • skx143

    i love that song

  • zapzap88

    awsome! and ur videos look so cool like the endings and stuff xD

  • RawDogSwifty

    Oblivion 4? I hope you mean the elder scrolls 4

  • 5m2th

    who needs tape! just lay it down and make it so the joysticks are stuck up

  • Alan Moore

    dude what armour are you wearing

  • PancakesAndBiscuits

    what bow are you using in the beginning? o.o it looks really cool and i
    want it!

  • Copey008

    there is another way u pick pocket a guard this will make ur bounty 25
    resist arrest run around a bit put the difficulty on easy and stand there
    all the guards will attack u and your armour skill will go up (light or
    heavy) when it is maxed out yield to any guard and your bounty will still
    be 25 you may need some healing potions

  • Ran Yakumo

    @Kottonism yeah heh i cant tipe

  • rebal0devil

    @IxFlashPointxI first one is frozen angle- norther last one is in your face
    – children of bodom