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    You should make a second account to play with subs

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    I’m still making my Slender Arena even before he made this video

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    I made a slender map way more like the game, a city(still not done), and a
    airplane my psn is dafirepig

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    whats your ps3 username?

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    I tweeted you about this the night of TU14 and you never checked it out 🙁
    they saw the tweet and copied most probably

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    Hey, is there any chance I can play MC with you?

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    Hey O1G im a huge fan of your channel, you keep your subs informed about
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    Hey guys please sub to my channel I will be posting a lot of stuff/news
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    Awww man I hope next time

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    good job +dsarpeth 

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    How do u play mini games?

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    I was there am lunna077

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    Slender shoulda had a snow block on his head 

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    Add me please AOMAYO Anyone add me to play minecraft and expert glitches
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