• Corwyn Johnson

    “is that a wild seananners?” *slash*

  • Sammyijarah Ijarah

    On the longest night of the thousandth year the element off surprise will
    aid in the hunger games

  • TheFighterNb2

    I dont always Play Hunger Games, But when i do I’ll don’t win

  • Kyle Bobbitt

    you played with a mojang worker!!!AWESOME

  • HpmgGames

    u killed cup quake

  • Firestallion68

    i lose so many hunger games matches because chunks don’t load

  • fred wazowski

    u missed a chest!

  • nathan green


  • Luke DeYoung

    I would have told them to get a life and quit bothering me, tell them to f
    off, off the video. those kind of people are complete morons, he was down
    to 3 lives because of the op’s

  • Creeperstudios04

    this is sky’s server!!!

  • Ryan Stewart

    Well i use nodus so i usually win 😀 

  • sean adshead

    captain sparklez your a captain

  • Joseph Catalano

    ur horrible at parkour


  • Michael Petrusic

    Honestly I think u suck because I like Ihascupquake way better than u sorry

  • Wade Williams

    You killed cupcake

  • Alexis Richer

    I love your voice !!

  • john michael

    lol…wild seananners…XD

  • Krish Matta

    lol, he was a noob

  • Isaac Heyman


  • mineandbuildmocs

    what’s the server

  • Charlie Johnson


  • Gaming1MOnkey

    subscribe Gaming1MOnkey

  • Troll Gaming

    “So last person standing wins?”, “No actually the first person who dies
    gets all the bonus points!” XD

  • Estuardo Velasquez

    I can’t play this game

  • Ariana Ponce

    I think I’ve watched this like 20x but I’ll never get tired of it