Minecraft: Hunger Games – Game 57 – NEW MAP?! OP

This is a series of us playing on survival games which is based off the book and movie “Hunger Games”. Hope you guys enjoy and if so please leave a LIKE 🙂 *…
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  • Random Life

    I say max did good for a new map 


    Speed hacks dany

  • Gavin Reichman

    okay i havent looke dup but thx ill get it

  • hmahdie5s

    Yea me to but ther all are awesome!!

  • MCFinestFan

    old faithful

  • Captin Kona

    What server do you go on

  • Sabrina Smith

    over power i think

  • Thatcher Thornton


  • Marshall Tokarczyk

    I was wondering, if you could make it so i could use a prepaid visa to pay
    for GLG please respond

  • Jonathan lustig

    antvenom sucks mcfinest rocks

  • bibas khanal

    make more videos Minecraft: Hunger Games

  • opglegit ogopg


  • Josh Dyson

    *not as good as iron

  • Darkestreaction

    wow that was bull

  • tryhard2death21


  • Disputions

    Like if you think max is the best at minecraft hunger games

  • Littlesickman142

    MAKE MORE HUNGER GAMES AND MAKE AT LEAST 3 per day and if u have a xbox 360
    add XXSupaSayainXX CAPITAL XX S lower case upa uper cace Sand lower case
    ayian and every one can add minecraftfinrest i dream to play with u
    please!!!!!!!!!!!! u are awsome an how do i join a server ecry time i tryed
    2 join a server it wouldent it would say connection 2 server was lost and
    how do i get a texture pack love u

  • Nelda Sauceda


  • kong123

    Can I play with you

  • iamasome10

    /gf helps you delag

  • epickingfinity

    Ant won twice. maybe three times. thats it.

  • David Perrault

    yeah right

  • Bar- Beasto

    Yay, new map

  • LopezGirls587

    I love /u

  • Tyler Secrest

    Max has a lot of people that love him lol