• Niels Rasmussen

    Except from the horrible voice, this is the most epic thing ever.

  • MaxedAt62

    you really should make some more videos like this!!!!!!

  • TheDTabz


  • simmono13

    fan vad smooth

  • Lucas GAMEOVER

    open LOL, insert text, close LOL

  • OmegaCoolsterDX

    best video especially for those topics in forum asking for SS/Mia Ping Button

  • fluffyxsama

    259 people have no map awareness.

  • Saardist69


  • deuzimars

    ward OP nerf plox

  • JerkzGOW

    wtf????????????? xD

  • Zack Fair

    stfu and buy wards billy

  • Zack Fair

    get some god damn mapawareness FUCKING LOWLIFES

  • kobeben24

    u said lol twice

  • Tiger74147

    This is fantastic.

  • Zach Skipper


  • mcmcman21


  • darkchiron

    I wish more people would learn the message of this video isn’t a joke.

  • TheDominock

    0:17 hahha

  • Hootiethe0wl

    lol i listen to this while playing everyday >_> is tht werid O.o

  • Lunar Rai

    There is no reason to not buy wards.
    I don’t care if you’re AP mid or AD carry, get some god damned wards.

  • 0900090990

    that go go map awareness just gave me the chills I don’t know why but it just happened >_<

  • LordEmilous

    I can’t stop singing this while playing lol xD

  • Christian Raunkjær

    U sound like u Swallowed a potato

  • IronKingLeo

    I’m like the only one that buys wards in normal games.
    No one else on my team EVER does it.

    The enemy team always seems to have oracles/wards though.

    Or Vayne/Graves.
    You don’t need oracles or wards if you’re either of these two characters. Because EVERYONE will feed you and you can carry your team to victory.

  • Novawolf4000