• Oscar Ritchings

    Hi my friend joe helped you make this game it is amazing

  • TT456

    Wow, that’s awesome!

  • andddreass

    dude I would buy this if it was on steam

  • WeakAsBronze


  • Marcus Korvenius

    damn fckn awesome, you should make a tutorial ! xD

  • Vikézor

    @galaxy91explorer Why? He made this awesome game!

  • Vikézor

    @yoyoanimate I know ololol

  • Ádám Pajor

    wow, this looks awesome! You used the 3D ablities of Game Maker very well.
    Nice game!

  • HomeGamesKiro

    awesome game

  • Vikézor

    @galaxy91explorer Now, and be truthfull, tell me why you hate slayer 64.

  • Vikézor

    @Jogita6 You can make anything with Game Maker. Even an Anti-Virus.

  • Maclman1

    holy cow thats crazy good!

  • VirgateSpy

    Mario + Super Meat Boy??

  • TheDaldi8800

    very good game !


    How the hell…

  • vlad160519971

    Мне очень сильно понравилась эта игра, я под впечатлением. Я полностью
    прошел ее до конца. У меня есть идея сделать ремейк этой игры.

  • domirulz1

    This is better than sm64 hacking!

  • Samuka97

    slayer, You never cease to amaze Game Maker users. The first one was
    amazing, now you come up with this masterpecie? 5/5

  • Vikézor

    @galaxy91explorer No, I don’t think so.


    6/5 for awesome game 0.01/5 for song

  • flame6753

    I’m super impressed with this.

  • benboo247

    @lakers24kobecolts18 Your Point Is….

  • Nan0PwnAg3

    wow, u did this while maintaining no lag, genious

  • Cactus Coe

    oh God this music again

  • draenor pain

    how do you make the 3d games without a world editor?