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a crane at the shrine
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Image by Allegory Malaprop (Schadenfreude)
Milky House is having a Japanese Fairy Tale game, Otogi Emaki, until August 31. You grab a HUD, and then run around doing various games (you answer really easy questions, there are hints! for the quiz; I’m a really bad weaving crane but even though I had to keep starting over, I still finished my fabric; trading things for better things; hilariously shoving bouncing rice balls down mouse holes- and more). The HUD will take you to stories on the blog, with English versions!, for each tale, so you know which ones you are re-enacting, and the answers to the quiz (though truly, the quiz is really easy- but you should read all of the stories anyway. I had to change the number in the URL for a couple of them in the list though, some links kept taking me to the same story).

The best quest is the one I’m near here (it’s on the second sim), Legend of Momotaro: Pension Wars! You’re a layabout who refuses to get a job and are leeching off your grandparents’ pensions. "I’d rather beat the ogres than get a job!" I AND my bird died fighting the ogres, but my monkey and dog kicked their asses, so I won anyway.

Once you complete games, you can get prizes! None of which I’m wearing here, of course, but I have been wearing the bows from Sakka’s Studio in some previous photos (wearing things that applied to the place I was taking the photo would require, like, actual coordination). There’s also a kimono festival there, with neat things!

The Seasons Story ends tomorrow!
dress: +HILU+DEKARIBON 2way(M)/short (alfredjames)
headdress: {Imeka} Sweet Roses Crown (natiwilliams)

The Kawaii Project
eyes: #adored – spark eyes – pinkclouds (constance.daehlie)

hair: [NANI] Yuno.Hair (kittynapkitkat)
wings, legs, face tattoo, flower on obi: [ ridi-ludi-fool ] *UBUME- crane- (chika.vita)
eyeliner: [CerberusXing] Noh Eyeliner Style 1 (kamayari)
Animation Override: DownDownDown_Harpy AO (tuki.loon)

lantern: :-.SOUEN.-:BAKE Kitune Lamp (Mikan) 01 (merurun)
makeup:Schadenfreude Langwidere Blue SWAK Lips (allegory.malaprop) -over-
      NOX. Rot Lip [Purple] (anya.mcconach)
ears: Schadenfreude Fey Ears (allegory.malaprop)
floating origami cranes and fairy lights: *Alchemist*OrigamiChatAnimationPink Common(Wear) (gaagaa.short) (store closed, creator away from SL for now)

Taken at Ookami-inarijinnjya (the shrine to Inari behind Milky House).