Late Night League Feb 18, 2012

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

  • Daniel Kö

    Wtf 5 dorans blades!? I think olaf is op but almost no one knows it so it’s ok.

  • BillChelios

    ..and that is why u play as Jax

  • TrickyMimic

    48:25 Two dead Ezreals on eachother lol.

  • mangasaint

    Watched the whole thing :1

  • WBaTW

    44:44 player and Ezreal both say “careful” at the same time

  • Kevin Tran

    you should play tryndamere again 🙂

  • danvgeg

    Where do I find the live steams?

  • CommanderMephiston

    I like to see you play vayne because I love the champ but take the advantage and pick your targets and be in the right position to do maxium damage

  • BBNikface

    @privateCOG yeah, I guess you have a point. It was just a suggestion after all

  • nxtsumo

    what kind of teemo just runs around and waits in stealth. thast not efficient .__.

  • Exodarks

    This guy is so calm and never rages, plus hes proo

  • switchbackRS

    stream never showed up in my sub box ? what time do you start ?

  • sixtynine226

    Dat Rammus! He is rapping of a turret!

  • privateCOG

    why should he do it. i think its a cool thing for us viewers to do. take a bit of work off him. just saying.

  • Sile yoo

    The cake …is ….aa LIE

  • 7thJustice

    WTF…Anyone else noticed Morgana’s name in the Olaf game?

  • Blackshado999

    teemo is simple its just run around….stealth and open and annoy, and plant shrooms…he doesnt do mcuh else….hes just the regular OP champ

  • larocque109


  • Cody Leclerc

    Cider, could you possibly split these games into pieces? I’d like to watch them in 720p

  • Singedism

    i play with my screen locked when on blue, put purple i have to unlock cuz it can be hard to see with your stuff on the bottom

  • whiteonrice506

    Why are half the comments complaints about what he does/should do? Anything ever good enough?

  • StraightOuttaLumby

    I paused it at 50:42 …. cutest baby ever

  • SecondSince

    Please find a way to make it possible to skip in the video in 720p without youtube giving some stupid error message. Dumd ass Youtube! >(