Kinect for Xbox One in action Kareem Choudhry, development manager for Microsoft’s Kinect, shows off new ways the Xbox One will track the user’s body, including inf…

  • RespawnedGamers

    I don’t understand people’s logic of technological advances and adapting to
    change. At least Microsoft is doing something different. It’s just like
    computers, nobody believed it would ever succeed, but look what happened.

  • tj craft

    U can see his d@#

  • brandonhughes7

    i cant wait to hack this onto the pc

  • Derek De Souza

    Great to see technology advance! Great stuff Microsoft

  • Chino Guy

    great way to spy on people.. 

  • William Hughes

    how can i get in to do that on my xbox one

  • Jack Spence

    Where is the console, and what are you covering?

  • randomlettersqzkebkw

    Cool TSA scanners in your home 😀 …

  • marcxcv

    Am I the only one that thinks the “active ir” thing or whatever it’s called
    is kind of creepy?

  • Jason Mcpherson

    I can unplug kinect if ur paranoid of them spying pr put a cloth over the
    cam or get a pdp censer pack from best buy or future shop it a camera eye

  • Ondřej Rimel

    TV ?

  • agil gila

    Shitbox oh shitbox, almost never invent something new in gaming world.
    Always copying what is already created by others. Kinect : ps2 eyetoy
    copycat. Ironically, They have a tagline “you are the controller” isn’t it
    (CMIIW), some thing that sony use in eyetoy TV commercial in 2003.

  • jt2506productions

    You guys saying this is a scam, did you even watch the video? All this
    software and body mapping is insanely awesome from a technical standpoint,
    and Im glad Microsoft is brave enough to try something new. The Ps4 is
    awesome but where is the freshness? You have the eye, but thats like a
    cellphone camera and siri, its not as advanced as the kinect. Also this NSA
    stuff is bs, they don’t spy on you. But even if they did who cares if the
    government is watching you play games, you have nothing to hide.

  • seamunkies1

    On the xbox were do u go to access these features 

  • DanKam92

    Funny thing is, that is a Sony TV.

  • Ch Gu

    this shit has so potential . . .

  • Brooldpray haunted house

    This is an advancement in human technology. We were using controlers that
    had wires attached to it and before that you had to go to the arcade to
    play video games. Now your body and voice are the controller. Say what you
    will but thats a major advancement

  • kalvin p

    Here’s the real question, will it recognize my cat?

  • Kaye Cee

    Xbox Question: Can I Play Movies from my HDD or ThumbDrive?

  • Jorge Hurtado

    now thats cool and weird that the xbox one has a heart bead sensor 

  • Tommy Rodrigues

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  • Nathan Drake

    Why does the camera think the cameraman has only one arm up? Great
    advancements but still something we are working on for the future.

  • Manuel Eduardo Diaz Cabrera

    WTF!!?? PS4 PLAYROOM IT’S WAY BETTER THAN THIS, its cool yeah but at time,
    it will get boring :l

  • ppeg2254

    am i the ony person completely scared of whats happening in this video?
    every time he says “we can see” i almost faint

  • darkveroth

    whats does microsoft have against gaming. all they been promoting is cable
    tv and a punk ass cameras