Keldeo Event!!!!! NO CHEATS!!!!

Keldeo Event!!!!! NO CHEATS!!!!

this is keldeo event for pokemon blak and white…watch my other youtube video for you to get keldeo mellottea and genesect. they do not have their ultimate …

  • theghoul14

    My friend code is 1421-7766-4725

  • theghoul14

    Luis santiago i want to trade pokemon with you a shiny for keldeo

  • Danny lee

    Trade me oshawatt and rufflet plz 😀 ID 50282

  • LunerLuv13

    It didn’t work!

  • daniellacabrita

    whats the name of this forest?

  • daniellacabrita

    i have cheats so i can trade every pokemon for you and ur can be a shiney and a level 100

  • Luis Santiago

    Hey everybody send me your friend code and I will send you mine.I am giving away SHINY EVENT keldeo level 100 with moves know like secret sword,close combat,hydro pump and surf.also if you need any other event legends give me a shout!

  • Isabel Blackwel

    hey can u trade me a keldeo by mating it and ditto i would really appreciate it cus i didnt buy the game till the 10th of febuary and coulnd get him in the event date

  • tets1999

    dont work

  • LPSLover949

    In the second game, you have to take him to a rock in a new town and he will learn that move. He also changes forms when it happens. You don’t need all sacred swords for him to learn it

  • Talentismyname101

    this was helpful!~

  • cristion mcclary

    Can it be shiny

  • resendiznoel12

    I have keldeo

  • Yolandaboyton

    I already have keldeo

  • spotroy

    Do you have one you will trade?

  • PonPonCandyBunneh

    Can someone help me cause I hav the action replay but I still don’t Lenape how to get Keldeo D:

  • adrianno rosario

    this is not my account but…..its my other account….but if u want them you could add me and send me your friend code……… im always playing pokemon so…….just go there everyday and check if im there

  • mytube9101

    yes this still works

  • Kirakex

    how do u get keledo i want him i went here and he didnt appear

  • Kirakex

    does this still work?

  • mytube9101

    watch my other videos for how to get them……… tnx 4 wtaching!!!!

  • Miguel Griffin

    you have a meloetta, keldeo and genesect?
    I’m looking them for my game.
    you can give me one to know?
    send me a message please.