Jaded Tasks – Brass Plates, Black Ops, and Big Oil

Jaded Tasks by Wayne Madsen is an excellent book. Like a nice cold Coca Cola squirted straight up your nose, this book will have you snorting and huffing in utter disgust, quickly and throughout. If you do not get all worked up over the information in this book go see your doctor because you might be dead. The entire title of this book is JADED TASKS — Brass Plates, Black Ops, and Big Oil: The Blood Politics of George Bush and Co., and that title tells it like it is, no sugar coatings, just a little something more to gnaw upon in contemplation of these bona fide revelations concerning criminal pedigree across many generations!

Madsen does his usual good job of discerning the real connections: the how comes, wheretofores, and planned escapes that become manifest when a paper trail truly festoons a story. I have always been told that one lie leads to another, and concerning our Governments black operations, which mean rogue activities with no oversight and for special interests of high sort — well, a good paper trail is that in spades, lie, after lie, after lie, and all together, one thing leading to another, a desk drawer, a cardboard box, the world. Madsen is unerring in his ability to ferret out the true crux of a story, then expound well on how it relates to other stories of import, patterns in general, and powers that are.

One of the most important things I learned while delving into this eerily knowledgeable accounting of world affairs is that a lot has been happening in Africa for the last two or three decades, and has not been covered by most corporate media on Earth. Unpleasant things, things which definitely get hidden, swept under the rug, because genocide, bioterror, rape, pillage, and strife are not what the moguls have come to call a winning scenario. The moguls are schmux, and peasants in suits, and thats all they ever will be, and thats common knowledge I am sure. For the record.

Conversely, but in the same vein, the names of the Africans involved in the horror of what has happened in Africa in the last 20 – 30 years…these names are many times very hard to spell, pronounce, and remember. They are truly foreign words to many people, especially English speakers. This is probably why a lot of attention goes elsewhere. I would like to suggest that in the future, the players within this macabre and pathetic football game across duhhhh-byas world, consider shortening their names for better public relations and more guaranteed coverage of their particular causes.


I am talking about names like: Habnarimana, Faustin Twagiramungu, Pasteur Bizimungu, Emmanuel Kataliko, Pierre Celeste Rwigyema…come on people, if you are going to play with the likes of the bush family, you better get your team names and pop monickers better aligned with your fan base, and quit lolligagging behind a decrepit and phony nationalism. I mean it. Its all about getting with the program.

The program.

This book JADED TASKS did an admirable job of bringing me up to date quickly, with an orderly consolidation of happenstance concerning Africa, and much more. It was a very valuable experience. Over too quickly, knowing the second and third times through will bring their own surprises, whats not to love?

Madsen ends it nicely, concisely, to the point: the last flitting image from this book lays blame where blame lies, and some will not be happy over it, but truth is hardly ever well met. We must applaud and congratulate Mr. Madsen on his longevity, thank him for his conscientiousness, and wish him well during his battles.

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Bill Gallagher, Hachita NM