Is Your Husband Cheating ? Give Him a Reason to Come Home to You at Night Instead

Is your husband cheating on you? Have you thought of giving him a reason to come home to you at night instead? It’s a plan that many women are hesitant to try but one that can be highly effective. Seriously, who knows how to motivate your husband better than you?

Whether he knows you know or not, you can accomplish a lot by changing the way you deal with your husband. Honey catches a lot more flies than vinegar after all.

Your Husband is Better than a Box of Chocolate

While all men are a little bit different there are things that are similar about them all. Your husband wants to feel like he is the best thing since, well, Godiva chocolate.

More importantly, he needs you to feel that way about him. He needs to know that if you’d rather have him than a great big huge box of Godivas. It doesn’t have to be true. You just have to convince him that it’s true. You know, stroke his ego a bit. It will make a world of difference in your marriage.

Defeat the Other Woman Don’t Compete with Her

You see, that’s what the other woman does for him. She probably isn’t any younger, prettier, or smarter than you. She just makes him feel better about himself than you do at the moment.

You want to give him a reason to come home at night? You don’t have to do elaborate romance. You just have to cook him his favorite meal and act as though you are thrilled he’s home. Make him feel welcome and wanted. It matters to him – more than maybe even he knows.

You don’t want to compete with the other woman. You want to obliterate all competition. You want your husband so wrapped up in you that no other woman will get her hooks into him again.

Make Him Want to Come Home to You

How do you do this? By making your home (when you are together in it) his happy place of refuge from the world. Stop nagging your husband about the little things. Clear your home of clutter. Give him a little quiet time after a long day. And, this is the really important part, make time every day for you and him alone.

It doesn’t have to be about sex. Just spend a little time each and every day talking, cuddling, and touching. Let him know that he and your marriage are priorities in your life.


Cheating can lead to the end of some relationships but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your ex back after cooler heads have the chance to prevail.


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