• avishek nath

    yep i agree. i am lucky to get my gift iphone 5 from youtube questionnaire for nothing. And, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. its worth a try here >->  bit.ly/13x40rA?=lmbjt

  • NotJustice

    I know it’s “Heart Shaped Box” but originally it’s by Nirvana.. This seemed like a different version.

  • NotJustice

    It looks pretty sweet. And it looks sooo realistic. Love it!! <3

  • MrTrustedlight

    Can somebody please tell me the song to the trailer

  • DarkBloodTyrant

    So fucking awesome! InFamous <3

  • xSleepingForestx1

    isware…. video games are getting even more realistic. o.o

  • alexcrossac456


  • Reaper154

    *needs new underwear*

    & a PS4 I guess.

  • silentgiant49

    God this is awesome