How to Tell Your Husband You Cheated

One of the most difficult things about cheating is finding the right way to tell your husband you cheated. It’s bad enough that you must live with the guilt and shame over what you’ve done. It’s even harder knowing that now you must hurt the man you love by letting him know.

You have several options available to you. Some will work better for you than others. The important thing though is to try and determine which would work better for your husband. Here are a few methods you might want to consider.

1) Just the Facts. Some men prefer getting the facts as they are and undistorted by emotion. A tearful confession will have him out of his element and less receptive to the real truth of the situation. You’d do better, if this is the type of man your husband is to come clean with short, factual sentences and to make your confession as devoid of emotion as possible. Don’t embellish. Don’t elaborate. And, whatever you do, do not offer details he doesn’t ask for. There are some things he simply doesn’t want to know and can’t remove from his mind once they are there.

2) A Tearful Confession. Some men need to know that you are really sorry for what you’ve done and the best way for them to see this is through an emotional revelation of what has happened. While you can definitely wear your heart on your sleeves at this particular time it’s still a good idea to avoid the temptation to provide too much information. Let him ask questions and avoid volunteering too much.

3) Straight Shooting. With this method there is no preamble or beating around the bush. You get straight to the point and offer nothing other than the simple truth. “I cheated.” For some men this is absolutely the best way to go. You put all the control for Q and A in his hands and you’ve made your point and left him to make the next move. It’s kind of like ripping the bandage off a wound. It hurts intensely at that moment but offers a little less of the lingering pain that might be felt with other types of confessions.

Each method of how to tell your husband you cheated has its own pros and cons. You know your husband better than anyone. Which method will he prefer to hear from you in this situation? Obviously, he’d rather you not cheat at all but only you can decide which method would be better appreciated by the man you love.


Even if your husband doesn’t respond the way you want when he finds out you’ve cheated there is still a chance to get your husband back and save your marriage.


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