How to Fix PS3 Yellow Light – Should You Fix Your PlayStation 3 Yourself?

If you ask Sony, how to fix PS3 yellow light problems, they will tell you to send the unit to them, wait six weeks and then pay $ 150-$ 300 for the repairs. If you decide to go this route to fix your problems, you should know two things, you may not get your system back and you can make most common repairs at home with tools and items you already have. If your system is still under factory warranty you may be able to return it and get a new gaming console, however you will lose all data currently stored on the hard drive.

Sony created a unique game system that offers many benefits to the customer’s life such as game play, nice downloadable demos and the ability to watch blu-ray movies. Where they missed the mark, was in cooling the interior of the system, a large majority of the time this is what is causing your issues. In order to know about how to fix PS3 yellow light problems you have to understand what the yellow light indicates.

On all models of the PS3, a yellow light means major hardware malfunction. This can be in the form of a messed up motherboard or faulty power supply most of the time. It is possible to get the yellow light of death due to a hard drive malfunction; however, you should get a hard drive error message as well. The good news is there are very few issues with the Play Station 3 that you cannot fix yourself. All you need is a few common tools and a detailed repair guide to get you started.

Tips to Get You Started on Fixing PS3 Yellow Light

Verify that there are no loose connections and then restart the PS3
Unplug all the cables but the power cord and plug them back in
If it doesn’t work still, then unplug your hard disk and put it back in.


If, your PS3 still suffers from yellow light problem, then there is some small problem on the inside, which can be fixed easily with the help of good guide on fixing PS3 problems.

Fix your Playstation 3 Problems/Errors Yourself with this Guide