How to Catch a Cheating and Untrustworthy Spouse

If you suspect that your spouse is sleeping with someone else, then you may wish to attempt to catch him in the act. One option available is having him followed by a private detective and having his activities investigated.

The detective will report back to you with their results; what you do with the information is entirely up to you. This option, however, is very expensive. Investigators are paid by the hour and a full investigation can cost a large sum of money.

It is more cost effective to investigate your spouse’s extracurricular activities on your own. You must ensure that you do not put yourself in any danger. If you know that your husband is quick to anger and can be abusive, the best option is probably to hire a professional.

Regardless of whether or not your husband is prone to violence, make sure that you are not placing yourself in any dangerous situations.

There are specialty stores that offer a wide array of items used for surveillance. You will probably need some of these tools to spy on your husband. Private investigators use these items to keep an eye on the person they were asked to investigate.

Keeping your husband under some form of surveillance is the only way to catch him cheating. There is no other way to state it more plainly. This is the primary reason that you will need to be cautious. If you get caught spying on him, you might put yourself in grave danger.

With these warnings in mind, the next step you will have to take is to visit a store that specializes in surveillance equipment, so that you can purchase the necessary items for your investigation. Tiny video cameras can be placed anywhere you want them.

They also can be disguised as all sorts of common items. You will most likely want one that you can hide in his car. You might also want to install an audio recorder that is voice activated in the car. You will be able to watch and listen to what your husband does in the car–who he picks up and who he chats with.

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