Hire An Article Ghost Writer Or Get It Done Yourself ? The Pros And Cons Of Each

Writing stinks.  Alright, maybe it doesn’t stink totally, but sometimes it’s a real pain in the neck.  When you’ve got 254 articles to write for your blog about floor wax, you might reach the point of insanity where you consider hiring an article ghost writer.  Outsourcing this task has its benefits, but so does getting it done yourself.  Let’s consider the pros and cons.


The Pros Of Just Getting To Work And Cranking It Out Yourself


Nothing makes you feel as great as knowing that you did it yourself!  Handling your own content creation means you can feel proud putting your name on your work.  You can put it out into the world and feel wonderful knowing that you wrote it.  That is, if it turned out the way you wanted it to.


The Cons Of Spending Your Entire Life Hammering Out Content


Okay, let’s face it; it was pure drudgery.  The reason we outsource to an article ghost writer is that it’s TOUGH to crank out great content and do it in a timely fashion.  Let’s face it, most of us just aren’t writers.  Taking the time to learn this skill takes away from time when you could be making money, getting backlinks or launching your next product.


The Pros Of Hiring An Article Ghost Writer To Create Your Unique Quality Content


A good article ghost writer can craft quality content that will get customers to your site – and they’ll be ready to buy.  They can make quality blogs that establish you as an expert in your field.  They can even handle your social bookmarking needs, tweeting and connecting to keep your name alive out there.  Basically, a good writer can handle anything you throw at them, and that means all your content needs are taken care of.


The Cons Of Giving Your Money To Some Random Guy On The Other Side Of The Earth


Honestly, not all “writers” are reputable people with a grasp of the English language.  To put it bluntly, some people claiming to be writers are rip-off artists.  If you plan to hire an article ghost writer, make sure they’re somebody with testimonials and samples of their work who respond to your emails in a timely and friendly manner.


As you can see, it’s a difficult question.  But just think – do you want to do your own content yourself, or would hiring an article ghost writer really help?  Or maybe you don’t have such a passion for floor wax after all?  How about changing niches, and then finding a great ghostwriter to help make your content shine?




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