• Diana Zamfir

    guys, at 1:21 pause is that what i think it is??

  • Ryan McNalty

    If u listen closely at 23:41 the guy who made the video say alright after he has no sniper

  • Michael Flores

    does anyone else think the Dead body in the frezzer is Victor Vance?

  • Lysimachus

    Can’t believe I can find people making references to the Viz here.

  • Lysimachus

    I thought I had seen all of the easter eggs in this game.

  • Palumtra

    05:25 couldnt resist mate 😀 😀

  • Vladutz Florentin

    Good job xD

  • puraq666

    great job man. thank you

  • al3699

    air biscuit is a slang term for a fart
    source: Roger’s Profanisaurus

  • supersmithnetwork

    You do know that green mag at the hotel is a paraody of the gaming mag EDGE right?

  • zsiroskenyer12

    Yes! I will eat virus for dinner!

  • Shawn Mahoney

    This must have taken a long time to make good job

  • blacksabbbathfaaaan

    That music in the shopping mall always creeped me out

  • famous

    yea you fucking punk

  • Михаил Скворцов

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  • TheAmessz

    Whats the trainer used?

  • KT Takkun


  • Jake Milligan

    Cool video

  • guasto47

    My record for that is 25 in a row. It’s harder than it looks lol

  • Jeff Theo

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  • flamingninja98

    31:03 Air Biscuit is a parody of Sea Biscuit.

  • harellz

    what does the claude speed poster say?