• DomisLive

    @Anthony Baldwin I cant respond to your message for some reason, I hate
    the new youtube but a lot of people have been having problems with a that
    method I did for the RP glitch, I have another RP glitch coming out
    tomorrow and the giveaway video and the announcement of the winner of that
    other video will be done next week.

  • megaboy28

    Joshua is a snitch, lol. I mean, if you got caught, you get what you
    deserve, but come on, what this dude did was childish. Pff, snitching to
    help a company that screws everyone over, including yourself, the way they
    want? That’s crazy

  • Blue_Country_Boy

    Rockstar made billions in just 3 days. Yet they still worry about people
    buying there shit Shark Cards. Who in the right mind, would pay money for
    fake money? 

  • BloodstainedSinner

    80% of the servers have modders… Either, there’s people giving you a shit
    ton of money to get you banned, or there’s idiots who have infinite health.
    Good thing R* uses cloud servers, so every ounce of money and every kill
    and death is recorded. This should help them find the modders. 

  • lowie da bozz

    Joshua is the good guy YOU ARE THE BAD GUY STOP COMPLAINING you little


    no.. just no, you trying to make him look like a bad guy? dude you knew
    that you will get in trouble for this and for other people, and you got his
    gamertag and want revenge? dude get over it!, stop copying like other
    youtubes to get more likes and subs cause that’s not the way to earn it,
    and you not making R* happy.. its better to play fair and keep the game as
    it should be.. so stop trying to make him look like a fool for reporting
    you!, just make new character and play fair! its not so hard!. 

  • DeadlierTaco

    You are probably nice to other Youtubers and Twitch dudes, but you are just
    trying to make joushua the bad guy. You got banned for glitching, and you
    knew that would happen at some point.

  • Travis Smith

    wow Domis I don’t feel sorry for you.
    you don’t treat your fans with respect you dis them all” the time, fuckiin
    lier is what you are

  • Ken Dussia

    I love hackees who give me money

  • Jesus Contreras

    Really glitchers are making the GtaV online better who has time to play the
    game 24hr a day to work up 1mill…. Keep up the good work


  • Samantha Mathers

    you don’t mess with jobless gamers and if you don’t like domis or jobless
    just forget about them don’t report them for something

  • CompletelyStraitGuy

    He didn’t say 100 thousand btw, he said 100 pounds (GBP)

  • GarraSand

    i just filed a complaint to joshua3301. you guys should too.

  • Trevor Phillips

    OMG ME AND LAMAR PLAYED THIS GAME 2 Months Straight. We got to fucking 1000
    fairily, with Me, 2110318102 and him 3 Billion something. We partied, got
    drunk, hit up strip clubs, was sooo Happy. AND GOT BANNED THE NEXT DAY!
    court, what the fucking hell? I can’t believe this shit.

  • DESTOV677

    I dont even get to plY the game now that ive cheated it lets me play for 5
    seconds then freezes

  • deepercandy9

    if i send u a friend requst will u acepet

  • maruf Miah

    i got banned 2 times 1 of the person who reported me was exodore and i was
    banned for 7 monthes and 15 days i hardly swore with anyone or got in
    fights and i used to play in my own lobbies

  • Lonic Tricks #1 Wanna Be Pro Gamer | “If You Can’t, It Wont”

    man i gave people what they wanted and i got banned on 4 accounts! wows,
    merry christmas to me haha

  • Crumpet Boy

    I think its josh fault because Domislive’s glitches are for educational
    purposes only and its your responsibility on doing the glitches. Don’t
    blame the person who showed you on how to do the glitch. Blame the person
    who is doing the glitch. 

  • joshua paterson

    why cant rockstars let us have some fun with geting milons of money for
    free its not harming anyone

  • Justin Ward

    Hahahahaha sound like a sad shween. Meet ya down the block with the tank

  • Austin Francis

    Guys, you can’t get banned if you unlink your Social Club account. If you
    get banned unlink it and relink it.

  • Kamrapter

    yo i know that guy he hacked me on psn joshua1991

  • EpicPaperbatvg

    the modded lobbys makes it more fun

  • DonkeyOfWar Parker

    Josua is as stupid as HELL