• Makoto Mikami

    YES! I killed Derrick! Thanks Packie! :D

  • sketchfox00653

    *Franklin finishes angry rant*
    “Hi, Franklin! :D”
    “^_^ wassup”

    XD that makes me lol everytime…just how happy Lester is and how quickly
    Franklin calms down

  • Jay Patterson

    Packie said probably

  • skrillexfan28

    noo niko is dead even packie said so in 2:55

  • The Lone Wanderer.

    he’s not dead, he’s not in prison, he has a life invader page

  • BurnerJorre

    Niko must have a boring life right now. Roman and Mallorie are married (and
    have a kid), so he certainly doesn’t have no time any more to go bowling
    with his cousin. Packie moved to LS. And Dwayne just doesn’t stop
    complaining about himself…
    Niko should make an appearance in a future DLC story pack for GTA 5. So sad
    it’s never gonna happen. :(

  • Humberto Mendoza

    And all you bitches are gonna be crying later,, Awww I miss Michael,
    Franklin and Trevor”…. pfff Pathetic, Chain Keeps going Ladies!!!….

  • Jesse P. Maverick

    is niko really dead? i mean like how? if he takes out everyone who would’ve
    turned on him

  • Some Kinda Creature Cat

    Hello, Franklin 😀
    Franklin: Wassup >:|

  • nanie oliva

    Niko is not dead…well he wishes he was dead because, he can’t take
    bowling anymore…WITH ROMAN

  • Samuel Garza

    I miss Niko.

  • keenan7434

    It should have been a trophy for finding packie

  • Sam Contreras

    Lol you mad over a comment? pffffffff getthefuck out

  • Kevin Rios

    well yeah, to remind you that there’s a GTA IV derp.

  • Land Of The Snakes

    No, you shut the fuck up, are you that dumb? It was a figure of speech you
    moron. I was just very happy to see one of my favourite GTA 4 characters

  • Sam Contreras

    Shut the fuck up

  • Aaron Vidales

    but they refrenced him

  • Kevin Rios

    What I’m wondering about is why Packie is in Los Santos? It’d make sense
    for Niko to appear alongside our new protagonists but it would definitely
    kill his originality, a reason why R* didn’t plan out a cameo for CJ.

  • Land Of The Snakes

    When I found Packie, I was literally like My nigga my nigga my nigga, my
    mofuckin nigga

  • nick L

    I sure niko is fine pakie XD have u ever played this,cool game called gta4
    its about a guy who wants,to live and get money I think u would like it XD

  • Deitron Harris

    I mean pay back not pack back

  • Deitron Harris

    Well he did said that he miss living ln Europe didn’t won’t to come back
    because he have to pack back that man who a friend of demetri but niko said
    that he have not get the money the plan had fail that why he have to move
    in lc with he’s cuz to stay out of trouble trying not to kill nobody there
    that one reason why he didn’t won’t come in the first place.

  • Parodyst1


  • VictorBoscan

    Packie came more og than b4

  • yippi yay

    You fucking troll get off my dick!!!!!