• Tvn37

    Can you plz post the code for loading exporting models
    by the way you are awsome

  • shubshub11

    Whens it coming out?


    We will see. Actually i have no plans to sell this game for money. It is currently being developed as a completely free game. 🙂

  • Maddan2011

    Can’t wait for this, will it be free for the first time we get to play it and the more you add we could pay? I would pay €10 for this if you’re planning on adding to it regularly 🙂


    Of course. Everybody is going to be able to make own maps and share them with other Players (with the support of an online highscore system). I’m currently working on a 3D map editor for this game.

  • MrJonhykrazy

    Will you make map creation for users? that would be awesome

  • Martin Robertsons

    is there a download somwhere if there is can you pleas sent me a ink thanks so much

  • HomeGamesKiro

    i already watched all of your videos XD, just waiting for something new


    Of course! ^^
    Just look at my channel.

  • HomeGamesKiro

    Will you make other video updates?


    Nope. I’m using a self scripted collision engine. It’s sprite based. The game checks collissions on the xy axis with the internal place_free,place_empty, etc.. functions. I extended it for the z-axis.

  • Cack Jasebeer

    Are you using a dll or something for collisions?

  • DomTraceur99CZE

    Hello Darklewa, 🙂
    please i have questions: Can i change texture of surfaces ?
    Can i make another shape or i can make only blocks, dices, rectangles ??

    – Thanks, awesome game, subbed and if you complete it, please link to description :-)))

  • Mr Funnyboo

    Dear, @DARKLEWA ,
    I love the concept of your game. I have one question. When will we be able to get this game???!!!! I really want to play it. (BTW, Subbed!! 🙂 )

    My best,

  • フォルテ ゼロ

    are you willing to share the gmk file?

  • Mihkel Põder

    Oh well. I thought Ogre was just a graphics engine?
    Yeah, I guess it’s true. Let’s hope that Game Maker will fix that soon with a rigging system of some sort (which is unlikely) 😀


    Game maker isn’t as advanced as other “Game Engines”. As far as i know the only way to use Bone animations is to use the Ogre port for Game Maker. But this is a different Story. The handling of the Graphic output is different from Game Makers “standard” functions.
    A 2D image on top of the view is possible. But it would only be in the way. I want that things like Arms and hands interact with the 3D Enviroment. 2D images can’t interact in the same way like 3D models. It wouldn’t feel right.

  • Mihkel Põder

    Yaay! I’m going to download it when it comes out! Really interesting!
    Aren’t there any rigging addons/plugins/scripts for Game Maker? It seems that when it is like that then Game Maker has a pretty big design feature missing :D.
    What about using 2D images on top of the 3D area (the hands would be put on the screen after the view is rendered)? It’s just an idea, but it might not work. It wouldn’t support lights then, but there shouldn’t be a performance hit.


    I’m glad you like it.^^
    Well, first of all the game is going to be free.
    Second: I have no plans for making some Animations like the Hands and legs of the First person perspective. Mainly because it isn’t technically possible.
    There is no Rigging system for the GM aviable yet and it would take a lot of time to create my own.
    It would be cool to have some Animations but for now it isn’t possible for me.
    (Maybe in the future?^^)

  • Mihkel Põder

    Hey! Celerity is an awesome project! I really like it, since I’ve been trying to find a nice parkour game. Not that Mirror’s Edge would suck, it just gets a little tiresome after some time.
    I have a few questions:
    Will this game be free;
    Will you create graphical effect similar to Mirror’s Edge — I mean that when you for example roll, you will see hands or legs of the character?
    It’d be nice if you’d see this message and answer it, because this game is awesome! Good luck!

  • 22pivotdude

    hey darklew, ur legeond of game maker !!! why won’t you make creawo download ??? i want to play iit :(((

  • Insanity Time

    When do you think you will release this?

  • HomeGamesKiro

    Thank you very much
    Good luck with the game!


    I also thinkend about your idea with buildings. Actually, the actual texture is giving the scene a better “depth” so you always konw exactly how you are moving throught the world.

    But don’t worry. The game is going to have Texture Pack support so you will be able to make your own textures and import them into the game. 😀


    To save performance you can only iterate throug (let’s say) 20 Blocks to check if they are

    “out of view”. Then more blocks yo uhave, then more slow it will “react”. Imagine you turn around and blocks are popping out 5 seconds after your turn. This isn’t the best case in a fast paced game.