FIFA Xbox One vs 360: What’s The Difference?

FIFA is coming to Xbox One and this preview with gameplay looks at what the differences are between FIFA 14 on Xbox One and FIFA 14 on Xbox 360. We’ve talked…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Ryan White

    “Ea listen to feedback” haha that’s a gd one, whats he gonna say next that
    cod features 10000 inovations each year, BITCH PLEASE

  • Alan Rueda

    Xbox One 500$? Homie dont play that.

  • Gaming Bros: Sam

    Basically he was describing the Xbox 360 version. DERP :P

  • snehith P.S

    Xbox 360 rocks

  • Stefan Guy

    But have you fixed the career mode calendar __ 

  • dochmbi

    Xbox One is not gen four, it’s gen eight. Please get it right.

  • Alan Moore

    We need better camera angles, and zoom features in x box one version of
    FIFA 14.
    Better end to end views, more like real football or soccer, depending on
    where you are from.
    Show the commentators like they do in Madden 25.

  • Marvinthegreat Marvin

    Smart move making us but shit twice

  • brett wood

    nick would be a good politician, he likes to waffle on about shit instead
    of telling it straight…ill be seeing friend’s fifa 14 on the xbox one
    before I invest because im not being buttfucked by EA once again.

  • moistman

    it looks good but i think i will stick to 360

    after paying for ps3/xbox one then live and a few games that will cost
    maybe about £550 is that really worth that your crowd mite stand up when i

  • Matthew Linden

    If Americans play FIFA, do Europeans play Madden?

  • Richard Richards

    Is the career mode gameplay still playing at 2mph ? Or has it been fixed
    for next gen 

  • Josh hollister

    ☻/︻╦╤─ Bob is against Google+
    /▌ Copy and Paste this all over youtube if you hate the new comment

  • Andrew Bartolini

    Should make an online tournament you can add all your friends in a big game
    like a world cup and when you don’t have a game you can watch your friends
    play and put a trophy up for grabs 

  • TheBigBangTheory BAZINGA

    3D crowds, 3D crowds and more 3D crowds 

  • shai joseph

    I think you have a point but I think u should get the xbox 360 so people
    can feel it too as the xbox one is extremely expensive I think if fifa did
    that to xbox 360 it would be great and xbox would have a better name but
    look how many xbox 360 fifa 14 people play and look at xbox one huge
    difference if u dont agree fine but if it was me I would because ur making
    a happy game for pepole who can afford xbox 360 but not xbox one

    Thanks for listening or reading cheers jj10

  • Damien Mattei

    PS4 is better overall anyways 

  • OccuredOlive4

    I’m getting fifa 14 for free on xbox one! You gaystation fuckers have to
    buy it!

  • 97BuckeyeNut

    Every time he looks at you, you nod your head… it’s like a drinking game.

  • Jack Stevenson

    I notice he never mentioned fixing the vast amount of bugs in ps3 version
    or updating gameplay so the game plays properly, so that being said, I cant
    wait to watch the 3D crowds or the better substitutions over and over

  • Armondo Dauti

    Ball boy, 3D crowd, upgraded/much better graphics, detail on e.g. shirt (
    creases, shadows, etc ) , crowd reactions, more player animations, T.V
    presentation, solid/smoother gameplay( ignite engine ), etc. This game is
    worth buying for next-gen…

  • olimphus26

    he’s lying, they dont listen to feed back !!!

  • Ryan White

    +eros v i never said they did

  • shai joseph

    Better if u do it also on xbox I and lots of nations cant afford and xbox
    360 would have a better name and so would fifa 14 as ts popular

  • Bear squad

    I am cool you are not