• charvelgtrs

    Is it racist that I prefer the White version? I mean white doesn’t usually
    look good on every console, but for some reason it really works with the
    XB1. Makes it look less like an 80’s device. 

  • Andru Edwards

    Take a look at the super-limited white Xbox One. The “I Made This” Xbox One
    was given to Microsoft employees who worked on the Xbox One prior to
    launch. There were only about 3,000 of them made.

  • Ziaw

    The should have sold them in many colors if you preorder online. Just
    imagine it in red or blue.

  • Loomoo5

    I don’t care if it is only for employees I just want a white xbox one cause
    this looks beautiful 

  • Wilson Rocha

    this guy has a face that will break this rare xbox quickly

  • mendyc158

    I want one hahaa the white looks amazing on it (and on the PS4) but they
    are 2000$ on eBay :S
    I guess I will buy the day one edition (because of the box hahaa) and paint
    them in white. Other than the color and the I made this logo, is the same
    as the regular X1?

  • robin7k52

    I mean microsoft

  • Pablo Robles


  • Neil Dee

    Believe my console looks slightly better than yours see my videos ;)

  • robin7k52

    Wait bro like how did you get to work in microsoftan.

  • poprulesall

    Two things 1: why is the new xbox black when the xbox 360 was white, and
    two maybe if xbox sold these they would be getting money actually

  • That One Guy Named Jesus

    It costs 1000$

  • Sharbel Hanna

    WOW stupid 

  • Dredsdeko

    Congrats you just showed the code

  • YTeradicant

    i also have a white controller but the box front is different it has a xbox
    logo and it has construction things on it idk how else to put it…

  • MrSkaterWild

    everybody go to ebay

  • Reznov Victory

    The white one is awesome


    Does this mean they won’t make a standard white edition? oh well


    OH MY GOG I REALLY WANT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sudzy dark

    How did you made it 

  • Machete v4

    Please help me!!!
    Let’s say someone had a developer console. And may want to get rid of it
    and sell it to gamestop would they accept that or… They won’t take it
    cause it’s developer??

  • CTSVT24

    I wanted a white xbox one. damn it xbox . hey will probley make a white
    one in the future

  • Fhedal

    too much talk in the beginning… people are here to see the console not to
    see you talk; no offense ;3


    Oh sorry didn’t see full video

  • FaDelegendz101

    I want a white one maybe there will be a white one like xbox 360 slim white