• theRadBrad

    YouTube is screwing me and other channels over big time but I’m still going
    to upload the usual. Love you guys hope to be able to do this in 2014 but
    right now it’s a tough week. 

  • theRadBrad

    More of this and everything else tomorrow. Been a crazy past few days on

  • SupahBoshi320

    “You bullshittn me?” I love it when he says that

  • Broken Heart Martinez

    brad no offence ,but i think it would help you if you use some glaces.

  • 13ofus

    apparently you have your screen brightness up but i can see more shit than
    you with it being this dark.

  • Justin Brown

    Just imagine if her hair was black…I could look past the tattoos then.

  • Demon_Trollz

    Evil Dead 2 is better than Evil Dead, but my favorite is Army of Darkness

  • nathan milley

    there were stairs idiot

  • Edward Schneider

    game is SICK. would if I could carry as many freedom bears or boom bears as
    I could, as well as grim reapers, & go to the most zombie infested areas
    & just go nuts to earn as much PP as I can to level up as fast as possible.

  • Spinrat3

    I never saw other videos about DR3 or play it, but have u tried to open the
    bus door??? Suggestion

  • Jeff Layton

    You past a stair cace

  • Dell Wolf

    Hey brad i have been with your channel since you played SaintsRow the 4 I
    found your channel cuz i really wanted to see some one play it (not just
    the cutsences) you are rad keep spamming the videos and i’ll get slaming
    the like buttin!!!!!!

  • Kendrick Willis

    i am late on the videos

  • Drexz Magsipoc

    Pls Use Other Weapons

  • Heaven Molina

    Make it more log

  • Galactakis

    Omg slappy’s face was there anyone remember him

  • Raymond Frausto

    I love evil dead 2

  • Jose Perez

    Grim reaper is the best for me so bad ass

  • Kade Smith

    the old eval dead is sweet and funny as f.

  • Michael Doctor

    why don’t you give diego a weapon!!!

  • Logan Bridges

    I have seen the evil dead a few days ago.

  • openminded101able

    Sometimes I find it hard to watch your videos

  • Abdelfettah El Idrissi

    FINALLY U USED IT ( grim reaper ) thank’s brad

  • jimmy huynh

    aaaaaaarrgg there was a steam roller bike why you no take


    Play the Lego movie game when it’s out