Core Difference Between Recon And Remanufactured Engines

Core Difference Between Recon And Remanufactured Engines

If you are in dire need of getting a replaced engine for your automobile then it’s the right time to understand basic solutions for engine replacement dilemma. Generally speaking you will come across terms like recon, reconditioned, rebuilt, remanufactured, used, second hand, new and crate engine. These are all the possible alternatives that one can think of, while facing engine replacement issue. On paper and on your computer screens they seem like seven different solutions but in reality there are only four real alternatives, remaining are used interchangeably with those four. Let’s have a look at the four real choices:

New or crate engines

New engines are often called crate engines because of wooden crates in which they are shipped, since mostly they are imported from Japan, USA and Germany. Both these words are used interchangeably throughout UK and in rest of the world.

Used or second hand engines

Used engines are also referred as second hand engines as using different words makes no difference what so ever.

Rebuilt or remanufactured engines and reconditioned/ recon engines

Here things get a bit messy. Firstly, recon is simply a shorter form of reconditioned. Secondly rebuilt and remanufactured mean same thing, these engines are rebuilt using newer of better parts. Same goes for reconditioned engines; however in certain parts of UK, reconditioning doesn’t mean that engine has been rebuilt.

To be specific, use remanufactured or rebuilt engine if you want an engine with newer parts in it.

So according to established norms, new or crate engines are the top ranked engines in terms of performance and reliability and thus claim highest price. Rebuilt or remanufactured ones come in second spot along with reconditioned or recon ones claiming third spot. Used and second hand engines on the other hand are the last, least expensive but highly unpredictable and unreliable option. In fact most auto repair garages consider reconditioned and remanufactured engines as best choices for engine replacement as both offer reliable performance at an economical price.

Hopefully this brief outlook on industry standards and terminologies has cleared your confusion regarding possible solutions of engine failure. These four solutions can cater to diverse range of consumer preferences as each one can be tailored accordingly. Depending on budget and performance needs of clients, repair garages offer reconditioned engines with slight to extensive reconditioning, same goes for rebuilt engines. Buying used and new engines, on the other hand, totally depend on buying power of consumer.

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