• Cameron Vickers

    nigga santa didn’t buy it yo dad did because aint no potbelly ass whitemen
    coming down my chimney

  • CFilms101

    No one can defeat the N64 Xmas Reaction.

  • Harry Kik

    That kids such a faggot

  • RAFPony


  • Jose Lizarraga

    Haha funny reaction! I would of done the same reaction XD

  • James edmunds


  • Cody something

    Same here george lmao

  • George Anthony

    I well smack that kid and take the xboxone

  • NOOBKing91

    The kid is so spazzing out I bet I could beat him in a second

  • mark swishersweets

    i would of been like take that crap back to the store and get me a m’f’n
    ps4 :P

  • XtremeGamingSensation

    What’s his gamertag 

  • Sean Smile

    n64 #2

  • Sam Russell

    Well, my parents didn’t get me the whole console, they just got me the
    money to go towards a ps4 D: so I had to wait for 27 days to get my

  • Ethan White

    he is going to have no life because of that they should have gotten him a
    genesis :0 just kidding good for him I want one

  • Cassandre St.Louis

    That was crazy I got nothing your lucky

  • mikenike1010

    haha this is hilarious

  • shane sloan

    I was the same except stub my toe and fell on hard carpet lol

  • Michael Rodriguez

    I got my xbox one nine days before Christmas 

  • Anthony Peditto

    Wow what a nice little spoiled family… ha

  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    I feel sorry his parents got him an Xbox One instead of a PS4

  • T3AMGhostz

    he santi clise

  • Tanner Duke

    I have the same pjs as him

  • Jacari Bryant

    Who cares I got a ps4 for Christmas and a xbox one 

  • DarkSith1980

    I’m never spending $400+ on a console for my kids Christmas. I don’t even
    spend that kinda money on myself. 

  • laserus desmal

    Dude I got day one show off