Cheating On The Hcg Diet

Because of the rigidity of the HCG diet, dieters are constantly asking what they can get away with. Questions may be similar to:
Is it alright if I go out with my girlfriends and have a couple of drinks, as long as I continue the diet protocol the next day?
Will it hurt me if I use a salad dressing that is not approved?
Can I eat out for a special occasion or lunch date, as long as I dont order dessert?
Can I eat other meats, fruits, and vegetables that are not on the allowable list of foods?

Given the nature of the diet, these questions are understandable. Eating a low-calorie diet for close to a month can be difficult. What dieters are not realizing however, is how damaging cheating can be.
Dr. Simeons says of cheating, The patient who frankly admits that he has stepped out of his regimen when told that something has gone wrong is no problem. He is always surprised at being found out, because unless he has seen this himself he will not believe that a salted almond, a couple of potato chips, a glass of tomato juice or an extra orange will bring about a definite increase in his weight on the following day.

Very often he wants to know why extra food weighing one ounce should increase his weight by six ounces. We explain this in the following way: Under the influence of HCG the blood is saturated with food and the blood volume has adapted itself so that it can only just accommodate the 500 calories which come in from the intestinal tract in the course of the day. Any additional income, however little this may be, cannot be accommodated and the blood is therefore forced to increase its volume sufficiently to hold the extra food, which it can only do in a very diluted form. Thus it is not the weight of what is eaten that plays the determining role but rather the amount of water which the body must retain to accommodate this food.

Understanding Dr. Simeons scientific evidence on cheating demonstrates the purpose for the rigidity of the HCG Platinum weight loss. Cheating only once can set dieters back several days of weight loss. However, sticking to the exact diet protocol can allow dieters to lose up to 1 pound a day, a satisfactory trade-off for the very low calorie diet.

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