Catch a Cheat – 5 Great Methods That Make it Very Simple to Bust a Cheating Spouse

One suspects its partner is sexually unfaithful, but how to catch a cheat? You just can’t accuse someone if you don’t have proof. Here are some ways to deal with the situation that will help you find out the truth without hurting any body’s feelings.

1. You can secretly tap your house to get information when you are not at home. You can choose to place the hidden microphones in strategic places where your partner normally would talk on the phone. You can plant the microphones yourself or ask a professional to do it.

2. You can search their garments for clues while you are laundering, or while your partner is showering or sleeping. Sometimes clothes are like magnets and attract loose strands of hair. Who knows, you might find some type of hair other than your partner’s that might help you catch a cheat. You should also look-out for any type of impressions or smells that might give away the fact that they’ve been with someone else.

3. Of course, don’t forget to scrutinize the car. You never know what you could find in the glove compartment or hidden underneath the seats.

4. It might help if you are the first one to read the bills, such as credit card statements. This will give you a chance to make sure there are no unjustified charges which you might not know about.

5. All of the above strategies may be good, but there is another strategy that is even better to catch a cheat. The infallible method is using their mobile phone to retrieve pertinent information that can prove beyond doubt if they are having an affair or not. All you have to do is feed the numbers of your partner’s mobile phone one by one into the database of a reverse phone lookup service.

It is amazing the amount of data you can obtain from a simple phone number. Depending on the service, you can get all the information you need to identify someone. It is time to start your small interrogatory since you know exactly with whom your partner has been communicating lately.

As soon as you start asking questions and your partner starts answering, you will know where you stand. You can now be sure of the degree of loyalty of your partner, all without ever suspecting a thing.

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